How to look 25 at 40: tips from legendary supermodels

Many believe that the secret of youthfulness for supermodels, singers and actresses lies in plastic surgery or “miraculous” beauty injections. Many envious people will also say that, they say, they have enough money to do nothing and take care of themselves 100%. But it turns out that not everything can be measured by the financial side of personal care.

decided to share with you the secrets of youth from famous supermodels who look 25 after 40 years old. And some even after 50-60 years old look 30 or even less! And there is nothing supernatural in their advice on personal care. “The main thing is to love yourself!”

Cindy Crawford

born 1966, age today 54 years

The face of Cindy Crawford is immediately remembered, and it is not at all like the faces of all modern girls, pricked with botox and hyaluronic acid, and made as if “one size fits all.” Cindy began her modeling career at the age of 17, and got into the modeling business by accident. At the age of 16, at the summer harvest of corn, a photographer captured her on film. It turned out that the girl is very photogenic, the photo was highly appreciated, and Cindy decided to try herself on the catwalk.

How to look 25 at 40: tips from supermodels

Cindy Crawford’s beauty and youth secrets

  1. Healthy eating without rigid diets and hunger strikes. Cindy advocates for a balanced diet, and she herself has never followed hungry diets. Yes, a beautiful figure is given to her by nature and genetically. But Cindy claims that you can eat healthy and healthy without denying yourself delicious food, and still not get better.
  2. The best food scheme is Mediterranean. Although originally from the arid state of Illinois in the United States, Cindy has literally fallen in love with the Mediterranean. Crawford loves the food scheme and products of the inhabitants of Italy, Spain, Greece. This is an abundance of seafood and sea fish, as well as olive oil, vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  3. When it comes to sports, Cindy prefers short but daily workouts. It’s very convenient to get up 30 minutes early in the morning and devote this time to jogging in the fresh air, brisk walking or cardiovascular equipment in the gym. Then – a whole day of freedom, which can be devoted to important matters.

Naomi Campbell

born 1970, 50 years old today

The dark-skinned diva is one of the sexiest women on the planet of the 20th century. Naomi’s modeling career began at the age of 15, but before that, in 1977, literally at the age of 7, she had already starred in the video of the legendary Bob Marley. The unusual appearance that African, Jamaican and even Chinese roots “created” made Campbell the muse of many designers. She still more than successfully continues to participate in fashion shows and photo shoots.

Secrets of beauty and youth by Naomi Campbell

  1. Unlike Cindy Crawford, Naomi loves and regularly practices fasting, claiming that it is the best way to help cleanse the body. Three times a year, she completely refuses food for 7-10 days, consuming only water with maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.
  2. In general, Naomi does not profess any special food scheme. But in the daily diet, salt and sugar have completely replaced herbs, spices and spices for her: parsley, ginger, peppers of various varieties, cloves and cinnamon. The lion’s share of the products she uses are vegetables and fruits, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.
  3. Naomi prefers training not at all active, but rather passive. This is Pilates, based on static exercises, and Gyrotonic, a novelty invented by an American choreographer for more intense stretching and maximum muscle stretching.

Claudia Schiffer

born 1970, age 49 today

Another famous supermodel from the 90s. If Naomi Campbell is considered a dangerous Black Panther, then Claudia has a real angelic appearance! She began her modeling career at the age of 17, but after the first photo session she was sure that she would not be accepted, as she was seriously complexed due to her tall stature and clumsiness. Today, Claudia truly fell in love with herself, and having become a mother three times, she retained a magnificent chiseled figure.

Claudia Schiffer’s beauty and youth secrets

  1. Diet “Five plus”. A fairly strict diet, but it was she who helped Claudia quickly get back in shape after giving birth. Five days a week you need to eat vegetables, fruits, diet yoghurts, chicken breast. And on the sixth day, you can afford anything you want, but do not overeat at the same time in one meal, but eat often, but in small portions.
  2. Claudia also takes her sugar intake seriously. She calls for counting not calories, because there can be quite a lot of them due to protein and fat in the diet, namely the amount of sugar and harmful, simple carbohydrates.
  3. Schiffer prefers not to sweat in training, but to walk more, actively relax and spend time in the fresh air. In everyday life, she almost does not use decorative cosmetics, but she takes care of her curls very carefully. After all, her career began with a shampoo advertisement!

Kristi Tarlington

born 1969, age 51 years old today

Christy Turlington was also one of the legendary five supermodels of the 90s. The pretty brown-haired woman, although inferior in brightness to Naomi or Claudia, still enjoyed no less popularity. She began her modeling career even earlier than other supermodels – at the age of 13. Then Christie was obsessed with equestrian sports and believed that infrequent filming would bring her at least some income for the maintenance of horses. But life nevertheless developed in favor of the catwalks and gloss covers.

Christy Turlington’s beauty and youth secrets

  1. Like Cindy Crawford, Christie doesn’t stick to a rigid diet. She just eats right and in a balanced way, avoiding fast food, fried, salted, smoked and pickled. Favorite food – lean meat, fish and grilled vegetables.
  2. In matters of sports, Christie is also quite moderate. She chose yoga for herself and claims that these classes help her achieve inner harmony. With yoga, she learned to better understand herself, listen to herself, recognize the signals of the body and spirit.
  3. Christie’s natural beauty is not tainted by plastic surgery. However, it cannot be said that she refers to this with a negative. Tarlington regularly visits a beautician for cleansing and intensively moisturizing facial procedures, and also takes a course of vitamins, believing that the skin needs to be looked after from the inside.

Christy Brinkley

born 1954, age 66 today

Another model and just a beautiful woman that we could not help but mention is Christie Brinkley. Just look at her photo: is it really possible to believe that she is already 66 years old ?! .. She looks hardly 30-35! In addition to her modeling career, which began in 1973, Christie starred in films and TV series, performed on stage and recorded several albums, released a clothing line, was engaged in photography, wrote books and illustrated them herself.

Christie Brinkley beauty and youth secrets

  1. Christie never sets himself a box in terms of age and advises everyone not to get hung up on numbers. “After all, biological age,” she says, “has absolutely nothing to do with inner self-awareness!” The secret of her youth, first of all, is precisely in such activity and thirst for life.
  2. Brinkley is a staunch vegetarian, but more and more often allows herself to Italian pasta and seafood. The lion’s share of the credit for preserving Christy’s youth and beauty lies in the use of plant foods, but when you really want something else, why not try?
  3. The same goes for clothing size. Christy claims her weight fluctuates constantly. If she notices “critical” numbers on the scales, then she becomes more moderate in food. In general, he encourages everyone to be beautiful and young, first of all, within themselves.

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