How to look slimmer with clothes: stylist tips

Every woman wants to look slim, young and beautiful, and every other woman wants to lose weight. Torments himself with diets or squeezes out three sweats in the gym. And if there is no result, then he wraps himself in black clothes, believing that black is slimming. But the point is not only in color, but in the correct style of things. You can look like this in dark clothes:

And it is possible in light ones like this.

There is a difference?!

I want to look at the top 5 “sore spots” of body shaping, and how to cover them up with clothes. I will reveal some secrets of the style – take it into service.

And our list opens up “big hands” or full forearms. There is no need to be complex – after all, the fashion world has completely moved away from the stereotypes 90-60-90. The main thing is to present yourself beautifully. And here we will be helped by the top (T-shirts, shirts, dresses, etc.) with free sleeves that end just above the elbow (or full sleeve length), as well as the second layer in the form of a blazer, leather jacket, cardigan, denim jacket, etc. …

Please note that short sleeves of a regular T-shirt or a turtleneck with long but tight sleeves will not cope with this mission. Therefore, when choosing a thing, be attentive to detail.

Next up is the “slightly pregnant tummy”. Even the thinnest girl might ask this question. But even here there is a cool solution in the form of blouses and wrap dresses. In addition, shirts, T-shirts, loose-fitting sweaters will help us out. You can use the layering technique, which will perfectly cope with the task at hand.

How to look slimmer

In third place are the sides. To hide them, you need to choose bottoms (jeans, trousers, skirts) that are loose at the waist and on a high waist, as well as top (T-shirts, shirts) of a straight cut. Clothes should be made of dense fabric. Avoid low-cut garments and flimsy knits.

In fourth place are full hips. In order to hide their completeness, you can use a cunning maneuver and move your attention up, that is, a more concise bottom and an accent top. For example: simple trousers and a bright blouse. The hips will help to beautifully adjust the elongated jackets, jackets, trench coats.

Feminine forms are in vogue now, think, is it worth hiding such beauty?

And completing our list – full caviar or breeches. Palazzo trousers, bell-bottomed jeans, that is, such models that will sit freely in this part of the legs, will perfectly cope with this task. If you choose a dress or a skirt, then a midi that ends at the ankle, showing the thinnest part of the leg; or choose the length of the maxi.

Today our list of stylish tricks ends. Put the above tips into practice. I wish you to be stylish and beautiful. Love yourself, highlighting your strengths and hiding your weaknesses.

With love, your stylist Kanabaeva Saule.

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