How to look stylish in winter? 10 tips for a stylish winter

In terms of style, winter is a difficult period of the year. In winter, it is important to think about warmth and comfort. This season we face a challenge. First, you need to think over in detail the image of outerwear, which down jacket, bag, hat, shoes to choose. Secondly, you need to choose the right clothes for the bottom, so that the image as a whole is comfortable and looks harmonious.

How to choose a stylish down jacket?

The task is to find a down jacket with a chip. Outerwear plays an important role in a winter wardrobe and a stylish decision would be to choose a model that does not look too basic, for example, instead of a standard winter down jacket to the knee with a hood and edging, choose a straight, voluminous, long or mid-thigh down jacket without edging. You can opt for a shiny texture instead of matte black.

How to choose a down jacket

You can choose a model with patch pockets, metal flaps as decoration. Always pay attention to details. Small details affect the look of the down jacket. Pay attention to the down jackets are dark blue, dark green. The down jacket can be light. The length of the top depends on the climate and the clothes with which the down jacket will be combined. The optimal length for many women who prefer to wear trousers and jeans in winter is up to mid-thigh or 10-15 cm above the knee. You can also choose an aviator jacket in winter, but it should still be up to mid-thigh.

Actual fur coats for winter

We do not choose a triangular fur coat to the floor with long fur, but rather a coat-like shape. If you choose a fur coat for winter, then pay attention to modern models with short fur, straight silhouette with a turn-down collar.

How to dress stylishly in winter

Outerwear and footwear

If you plan to wear dresses and skirts in winter, then the midi length will be optimal, choose such a length of outerwear that it overlaps the hem of the skirt. In a modern wardrobe, various options are possible for combining the lengths between boots and dresses, but the best option is if the boots go under the hem of the dress or skirt, and the outerwear will overlap everything.

Combinations based on contrasting styles

So that in winter the looks do not turn out to be sporty, if your main outerwear is a down jacket or a parka, then work on the contrast of styles. Add classic black pants, dresses, skirts to your look. An exception can be a sheath dress and a pencil skirt, these wardrobe items like more elegant outerwear and heels.

If you like to wear jeans, try playing with gray, light or even milky denim instead of the standard blue. Combine the parka with heels. Add to the down jacket not a backpack, but a medium-sized tote bag with a rigid shape or a classic bag on a chain.

How to dress stylishly in winter

Stylish color combinations

If you are planning to buy bright outerwear, then keep the rest of the image in a calm color scheme so as not to look childish. Outerwear can also be light-colored, especially if your wardrobe contains a lot of dark. Sometimes in the image, one color accent is enough. It could be one colorful bag.

The choice of winter accessories can be in contrast or in the same tone. Pay attention to combinations of white, gray, black or white, beige, black. They always work. For example, you have black leather pants, a white sweater and a beige down jacket, or white jeans, a black sweater and a beige coat.

Light shades in winter

Light colors in winter look very stylish. Previously, white clothes were only for summer, but the rules break, the main thing is that clothes should be tight. Weather permitting, wear white and milk jeans in winter.

How to dress fashionably in winter


An interesting technique that helps to diversify the images of the autumn-winter season. A layered look is more than just a T-shirt, sweater and coat. The trick and the main difference between multilayer images is that each layer must be visible and work in the image. If one of the elements is excluded from a multi-layered image, then the image should still remain stylish.

The danger in creating multi-layered images is to overdo it with volume, it is important to remember about balance and harmony. It is not necessary that all elements in multi-layered looks be voluminous; straight jeans, and not wide pants, will help to make the image more harmonious. For a bulky scarf, choose a more compact bag. There can be from three to six layers in the image. Accessories are also considered a layer, such as a bulky scarf.

How to dress fashionably in winter

Remember seasonality

No need to wear late summer or early fall clothing in winter. You will be cold in a cotton skirt in winter. Sometimes we can take things from other seasons and wear them in winter, for example, pair a chiffon dress with a turtleneck sweater, but this is a clever mix.

How to choose a hat and scarf for the winter?

For different seasons we use accessories of different density, a cotton scarf with a cashmere coat does not work, you will be cold. You need to choose a warm scarf for your coat, for example, made of mohair, so a thick hat will warm you in winter, but it can be hot in it in autumn. The modern hat is looser with or without a lapel.

It is almost impossible to choose a hat according to the shape of your face, there is no universal rule. The hat is selected only by fitting in the store. Knitted hats go well with coats, down jackets and sheepskin coats. Too low on the eyebrows the hat must not be pulled. For women with bangs, consider hooded clothing options.

It is better to choose a smooth winter scarf. There is nothing wrong with choosing a scarf and hat set. It is better to choose a hat and a scarf in basic shades: beige, dark blue, gray.

How to choose gloves

Gloves can be made of leather, for winter it is better to choose with a cotton lining. Leather gloves look best with a coat. Knitted wool or cashmere gloves work great with a down jacket. It is better if there are no color conflicts in the accessories. Gloves can be combined or match the color of the hat and scarf. If the hat and scarf are the same color, you can choose a different color for the gloves. Burgundy leather gloves, and even leopard colors look good.

How to choose gloves

Where to buy accessories?

If you cannot find a hat, scarf and gloves of the desired color in the women’s department, then go to the men’s department, where you can always find hats and accessories of the required shades.

Remember to keep style in mind in winter.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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