How to lose weight at 30?

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Over time, the body evolves, and that’s normal! Turning 30 is often synonymous with unsightly little pounds. This is why it is essential to adapt your eating habits according to your age. Here is the advice of a nutritionist.

Professional stability, pregnancy, life as a couple… Losing weight at 30 is not as simple as at 20. Depending on age, we are not all equal when it comes to losing weight. Yep, gone are the twenties and the days when calories didn’t matter. So what are the reasons for this change and how to get rid of those extra pounds ? We take stock with Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist.

At the age of 30, the body begins to show the first subtle signs of aging. Starting with weight. “From the age of 25/30 our basic metabolism, therefore our natural ability to burn calories, begins to decrease. We can thus observe a slight loss of muscle mass and a slight weight gain.“explains Alexandra Murcier. Clearly, with equal food and activity, we store more body fat at 30 than at 20. No wonder it is difficult to lose weight past this age. Difficult, but not impossible! Nature being thus made, it is therefore necessary to arm yourself with a little patience and not to lose sight of your objectives.

As the years pass, the more fat begins to accumulate in the abdominal area. According to the expert, the key to achieving the flat stomach goal is first “to get to know each other”. Indeed, a swollen belly can be due to excess fat or bloating. “If you are facing digestive problems, you should adapt your diet and for example avoid eating too many raw vegetables but above all know which foods our body tolerates more or less well” and “if we really want to target the belly area we can doing strength training and strengthening exercisessheathing type, to strengthen this part of the body”advises Alexandra Murcier.

What is the right diet to adopt at 35?

If we must not fall into excess by abusing drastic diets, a food rebalancing is needed as you approach 35. “It’s good paying attention 75-80% of the time and have fun the rest of the time” recommends the nutritionist. So it’s all about balance. “In general, try to reduce hidden sugars, highly processed foods and perhaps adopt a low glycemic index diet. Thus, the blood sugar level will vary less and the body will store less” she adds. However, active living and healthy eating do not always go together. You have to find the time to maintain your physical shape in the midst of professional and personal tasks. Result? We tend to favor ready-made meals and eating out. prepare meals in advance when you don’t have time to cook and bet more on a hearty breakfast. Thus, we can say goodbye permanently to our two or three small kilos and find the weight in which we feel good.

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To finally make peace with your pounds after 30 years, Alexandra Murcier advises to “consume foods rich in fiber and vitamin minerals” and recalls the importance of “continue your sports activity and even increase it a little if possible”. According to her, it is necessary pay particular attention to the quantities that we consume when we share the life of a man. “Often when we are in a relationship, we tend to serve ourselves in the same way as the other, while the nutritional tendencies of a man and a woman are not the same” warns the nutritionist. And without realizing it, the pounds set in. Too rich in sugar, alcohol is also one of the reasons for our weight gain. Although we love to have a glass of wine at aperitif, past thirties, alcohol is eliminated more slowly from the body. After a drunken evening, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water so as not to dehydrate your body. Conclusion: a small drink from time to time, associated with a healthy diet and sports sessions, will not hurt anyone. You are now ready to face your thirties in great shape!

Thanks : Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist.


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