how to make a manicure for the New Year 2021

This year, stylists recommend wearing a beige, gold and silver manicure for the New Year.

Manicure for New Year ideas with photo / photo

The period of New Year’s holidays is approaching – a special time that requires preparation. To create a festive mood and meet the year 2021 with pleasure – it is important to choose a good outfit for the New Year and think about your image. In addition to clothes, hairstyles and accessories, you should think about what your New Year’s manicure will look like. A good manicure will successfully emphasize the image and attract the attention of guests. With it you will feel confident and attractive.

White manicure

White Christmas manicure / photo

White Christmas manicure / photo

White is one of the main colors of 2021, as well as the color of the sign of the Chinese horoscope Taurus. This is the best choice for a festive manicure. He looks quite noticeable, but at the same time remains modest and noble. You can diversify the monochromatic makeup with sequins, applique, rhinestones, patterns.

Manicure with silver

Silver Christmas manicure / photo

Silver Christmas manicure / photo

Silver manicure looks both bright and quite moderate. You do not need to overdo it with silver – use it sparingly. For such a manicure suitable gel polish with shimmer or glitter to emphasize 1-2 nails, foil, narrow silver stripes.

Manicure with gold

Golden Christmas manicure / photo

Golden Christmas manicure / photo

The shimmer of gold on the nails on the nails reminds of a festive occasion and creates a festive atmosphere. This is a very trendy manicure that can also be used for the New Year. Gold sequins can decorate one or two fingers, or be used on all nails in small quantities. You can also make a Christmas pattern with gold glitter.

Translucent manicure

New Year's manicure photo / photo

New Year’s manicure photo / photo

Translucent manicure is one of the fashion trends of 2021. This manicure looks gentle and spectacular. The transition from nail polish to transparent nail can be both smooth and in the form of a pattern or strip. Not everyone can do such a manicure at home, so it is better to consult a professional.

Beige manicure with patterns

Beige manicure for the New Year / photo

Beige manicure for the New Year / photo

Beige manicure looks very modest and gentle. Naturalness and elegance are now in vogue, so feel free to use beige in a manicure for the New Year. To make your nails look festive – use themed patterns, stickers or prints. This manicure looks great on nails of any length and goes well with any clothes.

Green manicure

Green New Year's manicure / photo

Green New Year’s manicure / photo

A popular Christmas color is the color of the branches of the Christmas tree. Green will be appropriate on the nails on New Year’s Eve. Stylists advise to apply a green manicure in a matte finish – so it will become more fashionable. Decorate green nails with rhinestones or a New Year’s pattern for a festive mood.

Red manicure

Red New Year's manicure / photo


In 2021, caution should be exercised with red. This color can anger the symbol of the year of the Bull and attract failure, so astrologers advise to abandon such a manicure. However, if you are not superstitious – you can use red in the New Year’s manicure. This color is very popular in holiday design and offers many patterns: with snowflakes, deer, stripes or with Santa Claus.

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