How to make a Mexican salad?

The national cuisine of this Central American country has collected the traditions of different peoples – both indigenous Indians and European immigrants from Spain and France. Any housewife can cook simple dishes from Mexico. We are talking about bright and unusual salads that will diversify any table.

From a wide selection of Mexican salads, you can choose any to your liking. As a rule, the ingredients for the dishes are authentic products: meat, fish and seafood, fresh and pickled vegetables, as well as fruits – not only the favorite avocado, but others as well.

Sometimes in salad recipes there are ingredients that are not familiar and understandable to a Russian person, for example, sweet potatoes, smoked meat, chips and nachos. Even cactus is added to dishes, but, of course, cooking something like this at home is the height of skill, so it is worth stopping at salads with available ingredients. If desired, some components can be replaced with others that are similar to them.

Bean salad

  • This dish will require 150 g of black beans, fresh corn, one avocado, 150 feta cheese, cherry tomatoes (5-7 pieces), green salad, onions, garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar (tablespoon), lemon juice (tea spoon), black pepper to taste.
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The salad is preparing quite quickly in time. The main thing is to boil the beans and corn, separate the grain from the cob. They are cooled and put in a deep bowl, diced cheese and avocado are added. Followed by onions (one onion) and garlic (2 cloves), finely chopped. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a bowl.

For the sauce, 5 tablespoons of olive oil are mixed with balsamic, lemon juice, a clove of garlic and black pepper. The dressing is added to the salad, mixed thoroughly again and placed in another deep plate or salad bowl with lettuce leaves laid on the bottom.

The dish can be served with potato chips or corn nachos.

Shrimp and avocado salad

An exquisite blend of seafood, spices and vegetables can be found in this original salad.

  • The ingredients for cooking are as follows: shrimp (300 g), one avocado, a small lime, 2 pcs. bell pepper, half a head of red onion, cilantro, ground pepper and salt to taste, olive oil. If desired, the bell pepper is replaced with pineapple, then the taste of the salad will be even more interesting!
How to make a Mexican salad?
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All vegetables and fruits (pepper, avocado, lime) are cut into cubes, cilantro is finely chopped, onions are cut into rings. The individual components are mixed and placed on a plate. Sprinkle with spices on top of the salad, pour over with oil. Boiled shrimps are stacked on a salad slide. The dish is ready to serve!

Nachos Chips Salad

Perhaps the most Mexican of the presented salads, for which you will need, in essence, simple and affordable ingredients:

  • cucumbers and tomatoes (2 each), one bell pepper, a can of canned corn, a green salad, a can of olives, 50 g of walnuts, a clove of garlic, chili sauce (1 tablespoon), 100 g of chips or corn nachos, olive oil.

The first step in preparing this salad is cutting vegetables. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers are chopped into small cubes, the salad is chopped. Fresh vegetables are mixed with corn and olives.

The second step is making the sauce. The olive oil is mixed with hot chili sauce, crushed garlic and chopped nuts. The dressing is added to the salad, everything is mixed.

The salad must be served correctly: first, nachos chips are placed in a bowl in a thin layer, then the whole main salad. Top it sprinkles with chips crumbs. It turns out delicious and unusual.

How to make a Mexican salad?
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It is worth noting that Mexican salads compare favorably with those we are used to. It’s not just the ingredients, but the dressing as well. Mexicans don’t use fatty sauces like our favorite mayonnaise or sour cream, and they usually add olive oil to their dishes. A great alternative to hearty salad dressings! Bright salads from Mexico will delight guests and decorate the table.

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