How to make an ombre on the lips with one lipstick?

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1. Make sure your lips are hydrated and not flaky before applying a vibrant gradient. Apply balm. After a few minutes, blot the excess with a tissue.

2. Use black eyeliner to outline the lips and darken the corners. Then, with a cotton swab, blend the borders along the inner edge of the black outline to make it easier to create a gradient effect.

3. Apply lipstick generously to the unpainted part of the lips, as in the photo. Choose the color at your discretion – this ombre effect is combined with any not too light shade.

4. Using a brush, spread the lipstick over the entire surface of the lips, moving from the center to the edges.

5. For a more dramatic effect, go over the lip contour again and intensify the darker shade at the outer corners.

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