How to make candy, marmalade, jelly, marshmallow from apples?

Having on hand several kilograms of ripe apples, you can pamper your loved ones not only with jam or jam, but also sweets… To prepare them, you will need to stock up on ingredients:

  • sweet apples – 2 kg;
  • quince – 2 fruits;
  • granulated sugar – 1.5 kg;
  • water – 1 liter.

Apples and quince are washed. Let the fruits dry. Without removing the skin, cut the fruit into small cubes.

Put the chopped fruits in a saucepan, pour them with water, boil until they become soft and the liquid boils away. During cooking, the mass is constantly stirred so that it does not burn.

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Grind the contents of the pan through a sieve. Add sugar to the puree. Mix thoroughly and return the apple mass to the fire. It is boiled for another 20-25 minutes, stirring constantly. It should thicken.

The thick hot apple mass is spread on a baking sheet, previously covered with oiled baking parchment. It is leveled with a knife, forming a layer 7 mm thick. A baking sheet with an apple preparation is left for 2 days at room temperature. During this time, the mass will have to dry out. Cut it into circles with a small glass.

Kruglyashi will need to dry for another 2 days, and then roll in powdered sugar. Well-hardened apple candies are put in a tin can, shifting each layer with parchment.

For the preparation of marmalade, take ripe sweet apples. They are washed, cut into small pieces. Place the apple slices in boiling water. When the apples are cooked, they are ground through a sieve. Throw away the peel and seeds.

Mashed potatoes are boiled again in a basin, adding a little water infused with wood ash (as a rule, 0.5 liters of alkaline liquid is taken to make homemade marmalade for 10 kg of fruit). The mass is boiled until thickened. The product will be ready when there is a mark from the spatula on the bottom of the basin, which is interfering with the brew. The finished marmalade is laid out in glasses and the treat is allowed to cool.

You can make jelly from sour apples. Petioles are cut off from fruits. They wash the apples, dry them. Boil the whole fruit without cutting them into pieces. The cooking water must completely cover the apples.

How to make candy, marmalade, jelly, marshmallow from apples?
Photo: Depositphotos

When the apples are soft, remove the pan from the heat. The liquid is poured into another container, decanting it through several layers of gauze. At the same time, they try not to knead or crush the cooked fruits.

The expressed liquid is brought to a boil, boiled for 20 minutes. Then sugar is added to it (1 kg per 1 l). Boil the jelly for another 5 minutes. The finished apple delicacy is laid out in glasses or bowls. Let it cool down.

Apple pastila is prepared like this. Sour fruits (1 kg) are washed, peeled, cut into small pieces. Pour them with water (0.5 l). Cook until tender.

The contents of the pan (cooked apple pieces together with liquid) are rubbed through a sieve. Add granulated sugar (1 kg) to the resulting puree. The mass is cooked like marmalade in a basin, stirring it with a spatula. It will be ready when it begins to resemble jelly in consistency. At the end of cooking, a little citric acid in powder is added to the future marshmallow. Mix thoroughly and remove from heat.

Pour the warm apple mass onto a clean, dense cloth. Cover it with parchment on top. Allow the pastille to cool. The cooled product is cut into circles or rhombuses. Immediately sprinkle generously with granulated sugar until the marshmallow is dry. Put 2 circles together and put the finished treat on a large dish or on a tray.

Caring mothers who prefer to prepare homemade sweets for children from healthy and natural products on their own will probably need recipes for these apple dishes. Apple delicacies will appeal not only to little sweet tooths, but also to adult family members.

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