How to make choux pastry dumplings?

If we consider that Turkish boiled pies, that is, dusvara, are prepared mainly with meat and they look more like dumplings than our traditional dumplings, then dumplings can rightfully be considered an invention of our housewives.

In the old days, dumplings were prepared on holidays and Sundays. For the Old New Year, dumplings with a surprise are still prepared, and the kind of surprise predicts a certain event in life for the eater.

  • For example, if you come across a dumpling with sugar, expect a happy, sweet life in the coming year; bay leaf – to great success and fame; beans – to wealth, but peas will give you travel; the ring is, of course, the messenger of the wedding.

Interesting dumplings are often prepared in Poltava and Chernigov regions, they are called “dumplings with sand”, which means “hearty dumplings”. The filling of such dumplings is fried bacon with flour.

The word “dumpling” itself comes, as you might guess, from the verb “cook”.

Remember the children’s rhyme: “Eniki-beniki ate dumplings, Eniki-beniki Booms”? Philologists do not have a single point of view on the origin of this rhyme.

One of the interpretations says that this counting rhyme in ancient times was a shamanic mantra, which, when translated, lost its original meaning. With this mantra, the shamans opened their third eye. The word “booms” in translation means “opening the eye”, and the word “dumplings”, as the ancients believed, attracted cosmic forces to man.

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According to another version, eniki-beniki is a distorted Turkic phrase “ennyke-bennyke”, with which a prayer addressed to the female deity began. Translated from the Türkic it means “Mother Almighty”.

  • According to statistics, the most popular dumplings are dumplings with potatoes, second place went to dumplings with cottage cheese, and third – with cherries and other berries and fruits.

By the way, during his visit to Ukraine, Bill Clinton tasted dumplings with cherries, after which this dish was included in the list of his favorites. Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk has an original hobby – collecting recipes for unusual dumplings.

Dumplings are popular in many countries of the world, but, as you know, Ukraine is firmly in the first place in popularity of dumplings. But at the same time, the first monument to dumplings was erected not in Ukraine, but in Canada in 1991 (we had no time for monuments to our favorite foods in those years). The monument is located in the small town of Glendon. Its dimensions are impressive: height – 8.2 meters, width – 3.7.

In Ukraine, a monument to dumplings was erected in 2006 in Cherkassy. In honor of the opening of the monument, a dumpling weighing 70 kg and more than one and a half meters long was cooked.

How to make choux pastry dumplings?
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And now recipe for dumplings with potatoes cooked on choux pastry… By the way, children will be happy to work with such a dough – it does not break, does not stick to hands, it molds well. In addition, such a potato dish turns out to be inexpensive and very tasty – tender dumplings melt in your mouth. Even toothless grandparents will get pleasure from eating such dumplings.

By the way, choux pastry is great for dumplings with cherries and various berries. Vareniki can be prepared for future use. To do this, they should first be laid out on a board, frozen in the freezer, then packed in bags and stored in the freezer.

For making choux pastry we take about 300 g of flour, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, half a glass of boiling water. The dough will be better if, instead of boiling water, take the water in which the potatoes were boiled for the filling.

Pour flour and salt into a bowl. Pour boiling water in a thin stream, to which vegetable oil has been added, and mix it with a wooden spoon with flour. Next, knead the dough with your hands, adding flour if necessary. But do not overdo it with the addition of flour – the dough should be soft.

Wrap the finished dough in a tight napkin or put it in a plastic bag and leave for thirty minutes.

Potato filling cook in the usual way: add finely chopped and fried onions to the mashed potatoes, if desired, add ground allspice.

Next, we act in the usual way: we make fry, sculpt dumplings, cook in salted water for about three minutes, serve with frying, butter or sour cream.

Enjoy your meal!

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