How to make homemade liqueur?

Cooking such a low-alcohol drink as liqueur at home is possible in one of two ways:

  • squeezing juice from fruits or berries, followed by adding vodka with granulated sugar to it;
  • pouring fresh berries with water and then infusing them.

A serious mistake that many newcomers make to homemade liqueur is pouring sugar into the garden gifts. Due to undesirable microbiological processes that occur subsequently, the taste and aroma of the liqueur will be spoiled by the vinegar notes.

The liquor according to the first method is prepared as follows:

  1. Juice is squeezed out of fresh fruits and berries by means of a manual screw press or an electric juicer.
  2. The resulting juice is filtered through several layers of gauze or a flannel bag.
  3. Vodka is added to the filtered liquid (not vice versa). The ratio is 1: 1. For 1 liter of juice, take 1 liter of vodka. The finished drink will have an alcohol content of 20%.
  4. After 10-20 days, the clarified juice is removed from the sediment using a rubber tube.
  5. Sugar is added to the mixture of juice and vodka removed from the sediment. Observe the proportion: 300 g per 1 liter.

After sugaring, the alcohol content in the drink will decrease, but its taste and aroma will improve.

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Using this technology, you can make homemade liqueur from any garden berry or fruit.

The second method of making homemade liqueur looks like this:

  1. Fresh berries are thoroughly washed. Let them dry.
  2. The berries are poured into a glass container (jar), filling it to 80%.
  3. Pour the contents of the jar with vodka (40% alcohol). It should completely cover the berry mass.
  4. The jar is closed with a plastic lid. Vodka is insisted on berries for 6-8 days. During this time, the container will need to be turned upside down several times daily. The manipulation will contribute to a more complete extraction of taste, color and aroma from berry raw materials.
  5. After 8 days, the infusion from the jar is poured into bottles. The remaining berry mass is poured with a fresh portion of vodka – it should completely cover the berries. Insist for 6-8 days.
  6. The second infusion is poured into bottles. Juice is squeezed out of the berry mass.
  7. Combine two infusions and juice squeezed from berries. The resulting liquid is mixed and filtered through a flannel bag.
  8. Pour sugar into the filtered liquid (proportion: 300 g per 1 liter). Stir again and get a ready-to-drink homemade liqueur.

Immediately after preparation, the drink is allowed to brew for a few more days and further clarify. The strength of the liquor obtained by this method will be from 27 to 30%. If the drink is made from cranberries or mountain ash, the indicator will be 33%.

How to make homemade liqueur?
Photo: Depositphotos

Try making your own liqueur if you are lucky enough to harvest a good harvest of berries and fruits in your garden this year. The result will not disappoint you!

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