How to make jam properly?

An important condition for getting the perfect jam is quality of raw materials… Only the best, healthy, ripe fruits and berries should be used to cook this popular delicacy. It is not worth taking spoiled fruits for this purpose. This will negatively affect not only the appearance of the jam, but also its taste.

Before cooking, the fruits are thoroughly washed and allowed to dry. Some types of fruit will need to be peeled beforehand.

Equally important and sugar quality… Lump sugar is preferred by professional chefs. It is much cleaner than granulated sugar. If you are using a free-flowing sweetener, go for the whitest granulated sugar.

The quality of the jam is also affected by the cooking utensils was used by the hostess. It is best to cook the sweet dish in an aluminum bowl. You can safely leave the jam in it to cool and infuse. Professionals do not recommend cooking a delicacy in a copper saucepan or basin.

The spoon for stirring the jam during the cooking process should not be metal. The metal changes the color of the fruit. This will negatively affect the appearance of the finished treat. It is preferable to use wooden spoon… It must be spotlessly clean.

V. E. Makovsky, “They make jam”, 1876

Brewing process jam also requires adherence to special rules and culinary tricks:

  • the less time the jam is cooked, the better the color and aroma of fruits and berries are preserved;
  • as a rule, a sweet delicacy is boiled over a strong and even heat (there are exceptions, the recipe may indicate that the fire should be low);
  • during the cooking process, the sweet fruit or berry mass should be constantly stirred to avoid burning;
  • at the end of cooking, the fire is reduced;
  • during the cooking process, it is required to scrape off the sugar particles from the walls of the bowl (this will help to avoid sugar jam during storage);
  • during cooking, it is imperative to remove the foam from the surface of the jam;
  • the readiness of the brew is determined by the thickness of the syrup, which should drain from the spoon in a viscous continuous stream;
  • at the end of boiling, the jam develops a characteristic aroma – this is a signal to remove it from the heat.

Ready jam is poured into jars. They will need to be pre-washed in hot water and dried. The delicacy itself should not be poured into glass containers immediately after cooking. Professionals recommend letting the jam stand for several hours in the bowl in which it was cooked. During this time, the delicacy will cool down, and the fruits will be well saturated with syrup.

Useful advice – if you pour hot jam into jars, then this should be done gradually. Otherwise, the unheated jar may burst.

How to make jam properly?
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Fill the jar with the sweet brew to the top. Then it is covered with parchment and tied tightly. You can jar with jam and roll up a metal lid.

Many housewives face the problem of sugar jam… The following measures will help prevent this:

  • until a characteristic smell appears at the end of cooking, add a little citric acid to the sweet fruit or berry mass (1 tsp per 1 kg of sugar);
  • add glucose to the syrup (1 kg of substance per 3 kg of sugar);
  • pour a little glycerin into the syrup (1 tsp per 1 kg of sugar).

If the jam is still sugared, the problem is corrected as follows: it is digested, diluted with water (1 glass of water is taken for 1 kg of sugared jam). Cook the jam until the sweet mass boils.

Another possible problem is sour jam… The sour treat can also be digested. For 1 kg of jam, which has soured, take 0.5 kg of sugar and 1 tsp. baking soda. Cook the sweet mass until it thickens and the foam stops appearing.

How to make jam properly?
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Knowing the rules and secrets of making jam, you can achieve the desired result – the delicacy you have prepared will be beyond praise!

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