How to make tomato juice?

To begin with, all fruits that are not suitable for pickles and intended for processing should be washed well, damaged areas (including dented and frozen ones), as well as the places of attachment of the stalk, should be removed.

Then cut each fruit across and squeeze the juice together with the seeds into a separate container. It is recommended to pass the remaining pulp through a meat grinder, it will also be useful. Mix the resulting mass with juice and seeds, heat until boiling, then boil for about 5 minutes more.

Subsequently, the saucepan with juice should be left at room temperature until it cools completely. The cooled content must then be passed through a fine mesh or sieve to remove seeds. The resulting tomato juice can be preserved and used in winter just for drinking.

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Another option is to let the juice settle at room temperature and “stratify”. The thinner, lighter fraction is good for harvesting whole tomato fruits (in “its own juice”), and the thicker part is good for making lecho or other homemade canned food, such as salads.

The thick mass remaining after stratifying and straining the juice can also be used for the production of tomato paste, which will turn out if you boil it with constant stirring for about 20 minutes. The main thing is to make sure that the mass does not burn. The finished paste is then laid out in pre-sterilized 0.5-liter jars and rolled up. In the future, tomato paste is used in the preparation of various dishes, and as a base for sauce for ready-made dishes.

Thus, when harvesting tomatoes, practically no waste is obtained, except perhaps for the very islets where the stalk is attached, cut out spoiled areas and a thin skin.

How to make tomato juice?
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It is very important for home canning – to properly prepare, sterilize the containers in which the supplies will be stored. This can be done in different ways: first rinse thoroughly, and then either scald with boiling water (pour boiling water to the brim and leave for 10-15 minutes), or heat the jars in the oven. In addition, the lids must be sterilized. It depends on these precautions whether the homemade products will deteriorate during storage.

For as long as there is enough harvested canned tomato, the family will be provided with vitamins, for which gardeners grow red, yellow and orange tomatoes in greenhouses.

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