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How to match a bathroom color? – rules and recommendations

Color matching rules

To choose the right bathroom color, there are many factors to consider. The very first and simplest is size. Everyone has known for a long time that a dark tone can make a small space even smaller, and using light colors you will visually expand any room.

Next, we recommend paying attention to the style of the apartment or the bathroom itself. Each direction has its own base of suitable shades:

Aspect # 3 worth paying attention to: psychological impact of color and your personal feelings from it. In a yellow bathroom, for example, it is impossible to relax before bed. And the combination of black and white does not give a charge of vivacity and energy in the morning. Think about when and under what circumstances the room is used more often.

white tiles in the bathroom

blue and white bathroom

Do not forget about the characteristics of the color itself:

  1. Saturation… Orange, for example, uplifts and energizes, peach helps to relax, rusty brings comfort and warmth.
  2. Temperature… Cold shades have a calming effect, giving a feeling of cleanliness and sterility. Suitable for people who are too active and who need a quiet bath. Warm color palette looks more cozy, makes you feel comfortable standing in the shower or lying in the bath.
  3. Lordship… Everything is simple here – the more white there is in the color, the “lighter” it will look.

Keep in mind that bathroom colors are not limited to walls: there is also ceiling and floor. The classic color scheme is a white or very light ceiling, and the floor is several tones darker than the walls. But there are other ways to decorate a bathroom – we’ll talk about them in the following sections.

yellow accents in the bathroom

wooden furniture in the bathroom

What are the most popular colors?

Color in the bathroom interior really plays a decisive role: to be convinced of this again, we suggest considering the 5 most popular shades and finding out their differences.


White is synonymous with cleanliness and sterility, which is why it is practically irreplaceable in the bathroom. In addition, all standard plumbing also has exactly white color: in combination with the same walls and ceiling, it will give the effect of visual expansion of the room.

If the task of enlarging the bathroom is not worth it, create a combination with one of your favorite shades. Here is another advantage of white: it can be combined with anything. From standard black or gray, to bright pink or serious blue.

white marble bathroom

white bathroom

black and white bathroom

Pictured is a white bathroom with black accents.


While the snow-white bathroom is considered a classic, the black one is exactly the opposite. The combination with white sanitary ware seems to many to be contrasting, and the shade itself is dramatic and even mournful.

Another reason for rejection is the popular belief that black hides space. But this does not mean that various charcoal undertones cannot be used in a small bathroom: combining it with other shades and using it as additional elements, you can achieve the desired contrast and dynamics in the interior.

black bathroom under the stone

black bathroom with yellow

completely black bathroom


Perhaps the second standard color after white is cream! It is believed that it gives a cold bathroom a bit of coziness, makes it warmer and more comfortable.

If the familiar beige-tinted bathrooms are already on edge, don’t use it alone. In combination with green, blue, yellow, beige will open on the other side and serve as an excellent background for a flight of fantasy.

beige stone walls

beige gloss in the bathroom

bathroom in classic style

The photo shows the interior in a classic style


Blue symbolizes water and it makes sense to use it in the wettest room at home. Color is often used in monochrome designs: this will require three or four shades of blue (from heavenly to indigo or cobalt). Two undertones combined with white or gray will also give the desired volume.

To create a bathroom with a twist will help the use of a complementary combination: dark blue contrasts with yellow, blue with red.

blue walls in the bathroom

white and blue bathroom


The red scale, although it is used less often than others, makes an indelible impression upon meeting. It may seem that scarlet is not made for the bathroom, just as fire is not made for water. But the union of opposites attracts, although it is suitable only for the daredevils.

Important! The dominant red is only suitable for bathrooms that are used for short intervals: washing, showering. Lying in such a bath will be uncomfortable.

The combination with white sanitary ware looks spectacular, but scarlet products are also found in the lines of individual manufacturers – from the bathtub to the sink and toilet bowl.

red walls in the bathroom

completely red bathroom

The best combinations

Solid interiors are rare, so bathroom color combinations should be explored.

To put multiple colors together easier, start with one thing: choose a base color. You can push off from wall or floor tiles, or from a pedestal that you have looked after in a store.

black and white bathroom with wood

In the photo, wood-effect shower tiles

color combination in the bathroom

combination of blue and red

Now we select 1 or 2 additional shades for it. There are color rules (color schemes) that make it easy to find the perfect match:

  • Monochrome… A combination of tones of the same color – vanilla + canary + lemon, mint + herbal + emerald.
  • Similar… A union of 2-3 colors located next to it on the Itten circle: yellow + green, red + orange.
  • Complementary… It is contrasting – combining opposite shades. Blue with orange, for example.
  • Triad… Analog combines 3 shades equidistant from each other, contrast – any tone with two opposite ones.

pink color in the bathroom

In the photo, grout in the color of the walls

green bathroom

colored tiles in the bathroom

Last step – decide which color will be the main one (for large surfaces), and which ones (1-2 tones), highlight the various accessories and decor.

gold accents in the bathroom

combination of gray with beige

Recommendations for small bathrooms

Modern design of a small bathroom: the best photos and ideas

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, but limited space can look cozy too.

For this, a light shade is always taken as a basis: snow-white, beige, gray, pastel. It is recommended to use it on walls, ceilings, plumbing fixtures, large objects (wardrobe, cabinet).

The color of the floor is usually average in saturation, but its design should be chosen wisely: transverse stripes, for example, can push apart a too narrow elongated room.

gray-blue bathroom

bright little bathroom

white small bathroom

Another way to visually enlarge – reflection. In the bathrooms, a lot of mirrors, glossy furniture fronts, and a stretch ceiling look appropriate.

Advice! Lighting from different points visually expands the space: replace one central chandelier with several spots.

furniture for a small bathroom

In the photo, a combination of white with wood

Ideas for inspiration

Is it difficult to combine shades? Take as a basis a bright tile with a print: it already has all the colors that can later be used on other surfaces to achieve color harmony.

If the room is supposed to use a wooden texture, on the contrary, so as not to miscalculate, give preference to monochrome monochrome shades: white, beige, gray, black.

combination of paint and tiles

black walls in the shower

tiles with paint in the bath

Photo gallery

Last tip: bathroom renovations are done for at least 5 years, so there is no point in chasing changeable trends. Choose the color scheme that you like: then you definitely won’t need to change the finish in the near future.

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