How to organize a quarantined wardrobe. 5 tips

Since we now have the opportunity to spend more time at home (we remind you that the most sensible solution is to go to quarantine), read books, watch films and take care of ourselves, we also advise you to do what you never have enough strength for. Namely, to disassemble the wardrobe. We tell you about five ways not only to put things in order, but also to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your wardrobe and set a course for conscious consumption.

Take away things you no longer wear

Even if the real Plyushkin from Dead Souls disappears in you, now is the time to pull yourself together and soberly evaluate your wardrobe. What things are you sure not to wear? What fell into the “maybe someday” category? If you understand that this or that thing is objectively out of order or you simply do not need it, it is better to get rid of it. You don’t have to throw out your clothes. Here you can read how she will save the planet.

Change your storage organization

The surest way to remember a long-forgotten vintage skirt or jeans that haven’t worn for several seasons is to reorganize your wardrobe. Try shifting all winter and fall clothes to a different compartment, re-folding sweaters and sweatshirts, and making it easier to access summer and spring clothes. This will not only create a sense of cleanliness, but you will also be able to re-look at all your things.

Don’t forget jewelry, shoes and accessories

When sorting out your clothes, it is very important not to give up and disassemble the shoe section, as well as accessories and even jewelry. Regardless of whether you use the advice of Marie Kondo while cleaning or just act on a whim, this stage is very important and will help you remember about your long-forgotten favorite boots, party sandals, your mother’s bag or a necklace dear to your heart.

List the strengths and weaknesses of your wardrobe

In order not to engage in hoarding in complete confidence that you have absolutely nothing to wear, we advise after the main part of cleaning to make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of your wardrobe. Maybe you have several pairs of jeans and only one sweater? Or suddenly you realize that, it turns out, you don’t need to buy another boots at all. The most correct approach is to try to create a capsule wardrobe, each item in which is multifunctional.

Set a course for conscious consumption

The final step in cleaning is to figure out how to make your wardrobe more mindful. We have already written that it is best to give out out of order or unnecessary things to those in need or send them for recycling. Also, tidying up will give you the opportunity to take a fresh look at old jeans that could easily pass for vintage, a bridesmaid dress – you can go to parties in this – and many other things. And, of course, the analysis will help to take a more responsible approach to future purchases.

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