How to organize a seaside wedding

The sound of waves crashing on the shore, a light fresh breeze, a sunset plunging into the endless blue – this is a magnificent setting for making wedding vows. The romance of the seascape, sung by artists and writers, echoes the mood and emotional experiences of the newlyweds. Here, far from the hustle and bustle, frailty and noise of megalopolises, you want to think about the eternal and give your love to each other. That is why many couples dream of holding their wedding ceremony on the seaside.

Wedding dress of the salon “Valencia”

The sea can also be different. What is closer for you in spirit – the paradise islands with palm trees, white sand and turquoise water, the harsh beauty of the northern seas with their rocky shores, malachite green valleys and minimalistic scenery, or neat pebble beaches, air saturated with the aroma of juniper and the deep blue of the native Black seas? In any case, a wedding ceremony held on the seaside will be one of the brightest impressions in the life of lovers and their guests.

How to organize a seaside wedding

Choosing a wedding planner

For those couples who live in cities on the seashore, there will be no special problems in organizing an exit ceremony. It’s another matter if the newlyweds have a long trip around the country or abroad. It should be noted right away that it will be very difficult to hold such an event without the help of a professional organizer.

Do not rely on local companies if you are planning a wedding abroad. In the process of communication, problems such as a language barrier, a difference in the peculiarities of mentality and, as a result, a discrepancy between desires and reality may arise. In order not to experience disappointment and unnecessary stress on such a happy day, choose wedding agencies from your city that have experience in organizing weddings abroad.

Be prepared for the fact that you will most likely have to bring along a photographer, stylist, decorator and other wedding professionals recommended by the organizer. Yes, these are additional costs, but they guarantee that the celebration goes without the slightest flaw.

Wedding timing

You need to be very careful when choosing a date. Find out as much as possible about the climate of the area where the beach ceremony is planned. In exotic countries, there are rainy seasons, there are cyclones that bring strong winds, and there is unbearable heat. The ceremony should be scheduled at a time when good weather is most likely expected. But even having chosen such a day, you need to be ready for different vagaries of the weather and have a plan B.

How to organize and hold a wedding by the sea

The time of day for the ceremony is also very important. As a rule, it is incredibly hot on the warm coast closer to noon, and it is simply impossible to be in the scorching sun. To make guests and newlyweds comfortable, it is better to hold the celebration in the morning, or at sunset. An additional plus – photographs at this time will turn out to be especially atmospheric, and the atmosphere will be romantic.

Seat selection

Even in maritime cities, finding a location suitable for a beach wedding ceremony is not an easy task. Public city beaches are not suitable for this purpose, since they will not provide the necessary privacy and aesthetic pleasure. For peace and beauty, it is best to go to wild and deserted beaches, however, there is a difficulty here too. It is important that the selected location has easy access for vehicles that will bring guests, staff and equipment.

In terms of beauty, privacy and convenience, the hotel’s well-maintained beach, which can be rented, is the best option. In this case, the organization and holding of the celebration will become more comfortable for all its participants.

Choice of wedding decorations

The seascape itself will serve as the best decoration for the celebration, so you should not overload the space with unnecessary details. An arch, flower arrangements, chairs for guests, decorated with fluttering ribbons or fabric in the colors of the holiday – this is quite enough for a solemn atmosphere and beautiful photos.

If the wedding banquet is also planned on the beach, you will need to install a tent and make a platform on which it will be convenient to walk and dance. Of course, for a holiday with dances, buffets and entertainment, it is best to rent a beach cafe in one of the hotels – it will be much more convenient than equipping everything you need on the beach and hiring a catering company. In addition, the delivery and installation of equipment on the beach is more complicated and therefore more expensive.

Create images of the bride and groom

The images of the newlyweds for the beach ceremony should take into account the specifics of the climate and area. What is good in a registry office and a fashionable restaurant is inappropriate by the sea. Therefore, you will have to forget about classic suits, lush dresses and stiletto heels.

1. The image of the bride

The choice of the bride is light, flying, weightless dresses of simple, free cut made of natural fabrics. Tight corsets, layered skirts, long trains on the beach will not only look inorganic, but can also cause discomfort for the bride. Beach casual and Greek style dresses are ideal for a wedding ceremony.

The choice of shoes follows the same rules, so no closed shoes or sandals with dizzying stilettos – they will still get bogged down in the sand. The ideal option is sandals or sandals on a low run. However, you can go barefoot to the beach ceremony.

Don’t go overboard with accessories and jewelry. You can decorate your hair and wrist with an exotic flower, but you can not even think about the shine of metals and a placer of rhinestones.

Wedding dress of the salon “Valencia”

Hair and makeup should be natural. Complex styling, tight curls and voluminous hairstyles are not suitable. Natural, slightly careless curls, as if disheveled by the sea wind, all kinds of braids and simply beautiful loose hair play to create the perfect wedding look.

How to organize a wedding by the sea

Minimal nude makeup must be permanent to withstand moisture, sea spray, photo shoot and heat.

2. The image of the groom

It is better to keep the groom’s outfit in light, summer colors. A lightweight, oversized shirt and trousers can be made from linen or cotton. The image should be informal, and a boutonniere repeating the elements of the bride’s bouquet can make it more elegant and solemn. The groom can wear fabric sneakers, in which the feet will be comfortable and not hot. Another option is sandals and rolled up trousers for the most relaxed resort look.

How to organize a wedding by the sea

Possible difficulties

1. Not all guests will be able to share their celebration with the newlyweds, when it comes to a long trip or flight.
2. Be prepared to pay for travel and accommodation from the wedding budget.
3. Most likely, you will have to get married at home, in one of the local registry offices. Therefore, the ceremony on the paradise island will be incredibly beautiful, but still staged.
4. Take care of UV protection. Skin unaccustomed to intense radiation burns very quickly. If you don’t want to suffer from sunburn on your wedding day, be sure to use a special product.

Wedding by the sea

5. Acclimatization has not been canceled, so drowsiness, weakness, and indigestion are possible. Do not arrange a wedding immediately upon arrival, let the body recover a little.

Wedding by the sea

A beach wedding is a complex event that requires even more attention than organizing a traditional wedding. Nevertheless, with the support of specialists, you can organize an unforgettable holiday that will touch and warm the hearts of the newlyweds for many years.

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