How to organize an eco-responsible wedding?

Arrival by bike at the town hall, personalized vintage dress, organic and local caterer … more and more bride and groom want to reconcile the organization of their day with their values. What to know when you want to treat yourself to a wedding green.

Reducing the environmental impact does not necessarily mean saying yes in a field, a few strands of wheat in hand, in front of guests seated on bales of straw. “You can organize a classic wedding while paying attention to the environment”, confides Coralie Despinoy, founder of My Green Event who emphasizes: “Some guests do not even notice that it is a different wedding”. This environmentally conscious wedding planner has always supported couples concerned about their ecological footprint. And for good reason, organizing a wedding is never easy, giving it a dimension green even less so, and a specialized wedding planner can be invaluable. The environmental aspect must be taken into account in every decision, from the most important to the smallest detail.

The place

The venue and the caterer alone represent half the budget of a wedding. It is therefore with these two positions that we must start if we really want to reduce our environmental impact. Obviously no question of organizing a destination wedding abroad or looking for places very far from home. We try to reduce as much as possible the emissions related to the transport of the guests by opting for a convenient place of access by public transport, and especially, near the one of the ceremony and / or the town hall. It’s both ecological and much more comfortable on D-Day. During her research, Coralie is also sensitive to other criteria: “a place that pays attention to waste recycling, which has solar panels, which supplies in green electricity, or, why not, located on an organic vineyard ”.

Selection for an eco-responsible wedding

The trainer

“Finding caterers who work with organic, local and seasonal products is much easier than a few years ago,” confirms Coralie, who is lucky enough to work in Aix-en-Provence where there is no shortage of organic producers. “There are even vegetarian and vegan caterers,” says the wedding planner. We also pay attention to the choice of wine. The organic and biodynamic offer is becoming increasingly broad.

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Reducing the impact of transport starts with the choice of location. And also continues by promoting carpooling between guests. If the place is far from a station, shuttles are planned to still favor the train. And if we want to push the concept to the limit, we offset the emissions of their trips by financing clean energy projects or the planting of trees. Finally, we can add a little green wink by organizing an arrival of the eco-friendly bride and groom, on foot, on horseback or in tandem.

The bride and groom’s outfit

Selection for an eco-responsible wedding - Kamélion Couture

The designer of Kamélion Couture favors natural materials purchased locally. It has also started a zero waste approach, it recycles its fabric scraps and transforms its prototypes into tote bags. To discover on

Kamélion Couture / Press photo

When looking for an eco-responsible wedding dress, there are plenty of options. You can choose a designer whose dresses are made in France like those of Elsa Gary or Laure de Sagazan. Or go a little further in the process by pushing the door of Kamélion Couture which favors natural materials purchased locally. The designer has started a zero waste approach, she recycles her fabric scraps and transforms her prototypes into tote bags. Coralie recommends My Philosophy. A brand that goes even further by creating dresses from factory surplus fabrics, then having them manufactured in fair trade workshops in Phnom Penh. Another solution: vintage. Either by having a family dress adapted by a seamstress, or by going to second-hand shops such as Graine de Coton, Fortunée or the Dressing Club outlet. The groom can also opt for vintage or designers manufacturing in Europe such as Samson or Faubourg Saint Sulpice. For accessories, you can easily find trendy and French brands such as Colonel Moutarde bow ties or Archiduchesse socks.

The Rings

We don’t always think about it, but the provenance of metals and precious stones can be controversial. More and more jewelers are placing themselves in the eco-responsible jewelry segment by guaranteeing the use of ethical materials such as Paulette à Bicyclette and Or du monde, one of Coralie’s favorite addresses, which recycles metals. “Some married couples go even further with olive wood wedding rings,” says the founder of My Green Event.

The decor

We play the card of China and recycling by using jars of jam to make candle holders, by unearthing old vases and candlesticks, even by using the furniture stored in the attic to create small lounge spaces. And then we resell to promote the circular economy. Another option: rental. Providers such as Java Event offer very nice selections of objects and furniture to decorate weddings. For her part, Coralie works with a decorator who searches for all the decoration. For flowers, we favor local and seasonal species. Or better, shrubs that can be replanted. We don’t forget about ecology when it comes to finding guest gifts: seeds to plant, organic olive oil, local sweets …


“For announcements and stationery (menus, ceremony booklet, etc.), recycled or seeded paper is very fashionable. This is a paper in which there are seed inclusions and which can be planted, ”explains Coralie. Another option: the email. Providers like Paperless Post who offer beautiful invitations with an integrated sending and RSVP service. And to avoid printing a lot of menus, why not just write it down on a large slate?

The honeymoon

Finally, those who absolutely value their stay in Bora-Bora can always compensate for their miles and piña coladas on stilts by financing the planting of trees. Otherwise, we favor the hidden treasures close to home by opting for ecotourism, green hotels or eco-volunteering.


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