how to prepare for your wedding night

The wedding night is the culmination and the logical conclusion of the wedding day. You and your loved one can finally throw off your holiday outfits and …

All the fun begins when the guests go home, and you and your loved one can finally enjoy each other. And in order not to be excruciatingly painful for missed opportunities, it is better not to make a number of mistakes.

A place


First of all, you need to decide on a place. The main condition here is complete privacy, so the parents’ apartment will definitely not work. There is absolutely no need for someone to be located behind the wall – this will not allow you and your new husband to relax, and the feeling of awkwardness in the morning cannot be avoided.

Your own home, of course, is more suitable, but this is not ideal either: the first night can be special and be remembered for a lifetime, and painfully familiar interiors will kill all romance. It is best to book a beautiful hotel room, be sure to specify for what purpose you are renting it. After all, there are special offers for newlyweds: a decorated room or a basket with fruits and champagne will be waiting for you. Another undoubted plus is that you will be able to fully relax: you will not need to worry about cleaning and preparing food. And most importantly, the change of scenery will allow you to fully feel that a new life has begun.

Advice: to avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure the room is in decent condition. And do not forget to find out from the administration which offers for newlyweds are valid.



Overeating and alcohol abuse are the main enemies of the wedding night, because of which it may not take place at all. Do not risk an important moment in your life and be moderate in food and drink.

Of course, you should not completely abandon gastronomic pleasures (after all, you will need strength), but let it be light snacks, fruits and gourmet sweets. Include aphrodisiacs in the menu to enhance your senses: strawberries, for example, stimulate the production of endorphins that increase attraction to a partner, pineapples enhance male libido, dark chocolate multiplies the concentration of the hormone of happiness, and seafood saturates with protein and amino acids. Don’t forget about spices that improve circulation and heighten sensations (cardamom, curry, ginger, red pepper and vanilla are especially effective).


Advice: refrain from foods with a pungent smell (salted fish, onions, garlic). Don’t forget about water and soft drinks: the night will be hot!



Think through every detail of your wedding night: sounds, smells, decorations, and sensations.

Decorate the room with rose petals, candles, or balloons. Fill it with scents (this can be fresh flowers, essential oils or scented candles). Remember that ylang-ylang, lavender, jasmine and sandalwood increase your sexual desire.

Prepare a playlist with your favorite music in advance, which will play in the background, creating the feeling that everything happens like in a movie. Let it include the composition to which you danced your wedding dance – why not repeat it in private?

You can prepare a hot bath for the two of you with scented foam, massage oils and flower petals. Prepare soft sponges and sponges to rub each other’s backs. When booking a hotel, choose a room with a jacuzzi – and make sure there is room for glasses of champagne.

Advice: do not overdo it with scents and be careful with candles: you do not need to force them all the space, because they are so easy to knock over.



Beautiful underwear is an indispensable attribute of the wedding night. Think in advance about your image: maybe it will be romantic, or maybe “hot” – in any case, it is important that you do not feel constrained. Let the lingerie be special: lace bras, sexy bodysuits or silk shirts – there are plenty to choose from. For men’s nuptial outfits, white boxers or stylish pajamas will do.

Advice: do not be shy and worry that your parameters are far from the model ones – sexuality does not necessarily imply the absence of flaws, and sensuality has little to do with slenderness and a steel press.

Concentration on the partner


It is important to feel each other and guess the desires of the half: prepare small gifts that will show the full depth of your feelings. It can be iconic jewelry – for example, a charm of two connected hearts or a pendant with an infinity sign.

Share your impressions of the day, dance together to your favorite slow song – this will make the foreplay even more intimate and exciting.

Advice: do not rush to the main dish of the wedding night, but stretch out the pleasure. Take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that open before you in your new status.


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