How to prepare hair for cold weather now to reduce breakage

In the cold season, due to the low temperature, the hair becomes more vulnerable. Therefore, there is such a problem as fragility. In order for the hair to retain its appearance for a long time and break less, it must be prepared for cold weather. This should be done in the summer. Living, healthy hair is less likely to become brittle than thinning and lifeless hair.


  1. Vitamin and mineral complexes are essential for hair. However, it will take some time for them to take effect. Therefore, already now you can buy a complex where vitamins A, C, E are present and start taking it. Nicotinic acid is also good. She makes her hair just gorgeous, while her cost is symbolic.
  2. To prevent the hair from breaking, it must not be overdried. Already now, you should replace the usual shampoos with high-quality moisturizers. Then the hair will break less because it will not be so dry.
  3. Hair is afraid of frost and sun rays as well as skin. Therefore, it is best to cover your head both in winter and in the hot summer heat.
  4. Sometimes the hair is in disrepair for the winter. Frost becomes the last straw for them. Hair looks just lifeless, and from low temperatures it also begins to break.
  5. Hair just needs nourishment. Masks are a must-have for hair care. You can use ready-made masks purchased at the store. You can make a mask yourself at home.
  6. In the summer, many girls try to wash their hair as often as possible. However, this is not always justified. Hair begins to oily more than before. They get used to it. It turns out that the hair will have to be washed more often in winter. It will also contribute to hair breakage.
  7. Trimming your hair ends regularly is also important. By getting rid of split ends, a woman prevents a more serious problem – fragility.
  8. Massaging your scalp will improve blood circulation. Accordingly, more nutrition will begin to flow to the hair follicles. Hair condition will improve right before your eyes. Of course, massage will not give quick results. If you start in the summer, your hair will look better by winter.

If you deal with hair not only in the cold season, but also in the summer, you can get rid of or reduce hair fragility.

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