How to prolong the freshness of cucumbers?

In dry sand

Dry sand is used to prolong the freshness of cucumbers. The fruits are tightly packed in a clean and dry box. Sand should be poured between vegetables after placing them in a container. It is better to use a river for this purpose. The sand is dried and cleaned before use.

A box filled with cucumbers filled to the very edges is covered and put away in a cool place with high humidity. Most suitable storage conditions:

  • temperature – from 10 ° С to + 15 ° С;
  • humidity – 90%.

You can use earthenware instead of a box. Vegetables are placed in it, sprinkled with sand. The vessel is closed and sent to the cellar. Burying a clay container filled with vegetables and sand into the ground will significantly prolong the freshness of the pimply green fruits. This method of storing the vegetable will keep the cucumbers fresh for 3 weeks.

Cucumbers are suitable for long-term storage in sand:

  • just plucked from the bush;
  • clean and dry;
  • without defects;
  • unpaved, not greenhouse.
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In cabbage

An effective way to keep your cucumbers fresh for a long time is to grow them in cabbage. Gardeners can use this technique.

So, on the site, two vegetable crops are grown together: cucumber bushes are planted between the beds with late varieties of white cabbage. A prerequisite is that the cucumber ovary on delicate flexible shoots should be placed between the cabbage leaves, closer to the stump. Thus, the cucumbers will be inside the head of cabbage.

Ripe cabbage is removed from the garden along with the cucumbers in it. After cutting, the head of cabbage must be wrapped in paper and stored in a cool place.

With this storage method, the cucumbers will remain fresh for 8 months.

With vinegar

Experienced housewives prolong the freshness of cucumbers with table vinegar. The technique will help vegetables preserve juiciness and taste.

How to prolong the freshness of cucumbers?
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To store vegetables, you need to create a vinegar chamber. To do it, you need to prepare:

  • enameled container;
  • plastic stand with holes;
  • vinegar (9%).

The stand must be placed in an enamel bowl in such a way that the fruits placed in it do not touch the vinegar.

Vegetables are bookmarked according to step-by-step recommendations:

  1. The enamel container is filled 3 mm deep with vinegar (200 g).
  2. A stand is placed in the middle of the container.
  3. On a stand, fresh vegetables are stacked in layers, avoiding their contact with vinegar.
  4. Close the container with a lid.
  5. Store in the refrigerator.

Storage in a vinegar chamber will keep the fruit fresh for up to one month.

How to prolong the freshness of cucumbers?
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You can extend the “life” of fresh cucumbers using one of the above methods. Each method has shown high efficiency. This will allow you to serve juicy and crunchy cucumbers for a long time.


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