How to properly care for a blond hair

Hairdressing professionals are sure that in order to achieve a beautiful blonde you need bad luck, and first of all, the skill of the master and the discipline of the owner of this luxurious hair color.

It’s no secret that being blonde is both expensive and difficult, and it takes a lot of effort, time and money to keep your bleached hair healthy and looking great. But if this does not scare you, and you finally decided to become a blonde, then you need to know what to prepare for and how to properly care for this shade of hair. Today we will tell you all the most important and necessary things.

  1. Special cosmetics
  2. Gentle care
  3. Thermal protection
  4. Color correction

Special cosmetics

First of all, as you go blonde, you need to change your entire cosmetic hair care kit. Bleached or bleached hair requires a special shampoo and conditioner. The downside of blonde is that it often goes yellow, so you need to use so-called anti-yellow products designed specifically for light hair. In the future, make sure that the shampoo and balm are sulfate-free and have a mild detergent base, such cosmetics are more delicate and sparing to thin and sensitive strands.

Gentle care

If you do not want your hair to become chopped and broken along its entire length, then make it a rule to carefully clean and comb your hair. Be sure to get a wooden comb with wide and sparse teeth. In addition, try not to stretch or crumple the strands while washing your hair, because this threatens to damage the hairs. Rubbing your hair with a towel is also not recommended.

Thermal protection

Even healthy hair requires the use of thermal protection products, let alone a weakened blonde. High-temperature styling tools such as curling irons, hair straighteners and even hair dryers accelerate color transformation and damage dyed hair. Become an adherent of thermal protection products and then your hair will look better and the color will last longer.

Color correction

Many blondes often go from one extreme to another, and either do not update their blonde at all in time, or, on the contrary, do it too often. Experts recommend finding a middle ground and applying for the service only to an experienced professional. If the color correction is carried out efficiently, then you will not cause any harm to your hair, and if the blond is washed out too quickly and loses its saturation, then simply use tint products regularly. This will be enough to maintain color at home.



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