How to properly care for bleached and bleached hair

Women who regularly lighten their hair know that bleached hair requires careful care. This is due to the fact that a strong oxidizing agent is used for lightening, which can negatively affect the hair structure, as well as spoil the appearance of the hair, turning it into a kind of washcloth. Therefore, when caring for bleached hair, the following rules must be observed.

Do not use shampoos that contain sulfates

Nothing harms already damaged hair like sulfate shampoos. They not only quickly wash out the coloring pigment and lead to the appearance of yellowness, but also make the hair lifeless and brittle.

Use hairspray to a minimum

The varnish contains alcohol, and it simply has a detrimental effect on the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the use of hairspray, as it is the undisputed leader in alcohol content.

“No” to smoking

It turns out that nicotine, along with smoke, penetrates the hair cuticle, making it weak. Hair splits, breaks, looks unsightly. Therefore, all blondes should immediately say “no” to smoking. Cigarette smoke is especially dangerous in the first few days after clarification.

Do not wash your hair with hard water

Hard water contains minerals that can affect hair color. It is advisable to wash bleached hair with boiled water.How to properly care for bleached and bleached hair

Use of special care products

Today, whole complexes have been developed for the care of bleached hair. There is no need to save on them, since the condition of the hair directly depends on the use of these funds.

Masks at least once a week

It is recommended to heal your hair with special masks at least once a week. It is best to choose masks based on oils. They help the hair to recover and become more elastic.How to properly care for bleached and bleached hair

Balms after shampooing

After the hair has been washed, it is recommended to apply a balm to it. It nourishes the hair and hair roots with nutrients, thereby improving their structure.How to properly care for bleached and bleached hair

Thermal protective agents

The lack of thermal protection has been proven to destroy bleached hair. As hot temperatures are simply deadly for them.How to properly care for bleached and bleached hair

If you properly care for bleached hair, you can not only keep it in good condition, but also improve it.


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