How to properly combine burgundy color in clothes

The burgundy color is considered one of the most insidious. All because he makes the woman old. At the same time, even a young girl cannot stand clothes in burgundy colors. She is getting older before our eyes. However, the burgundy shade is considered noble. It is called the color of wealth and luxury. Therefore, many women cannot part with this shade. In this case, it is necessary to learn how to correctly combine burgundy clothes with other shades so that it looks harmonious and does not make the woman older.

Bordeaux and white

This combination is universal, as it is suitable for almost all women. White against a burgundy background looks festive and flawless. In turn, the burgundy is refined even more against the white background. It is best to choose an outfit where white and burgundy are in equal proportions.

You can wear this outfit for any occasion. It is suitable both for the office and for a friendly party.

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Bordeaux and black

The burgundy dress looks great, complemented by black accessories. For example, it can be gloves and a clutch.

You can choose the classic combination of black bottom and burgundy top. You will get a noble image. To make it look deeper, it is best to choose a thing for the top, not in a dark burgundy shade, but in a light one.How to properly combine burgundy color in clothes

Bordeaux and gray

In this case, you can give free rein to imagination, since you can make a variety of combinations. If you want to give an image of mystery and romanticism, then you need to use light gray shades. If you want to be more mysterious, then you should take a closer look at deep gray tones.How to properly combine burgundy color in clothes

Bordeaux and beige tones

Beige tones will soften burgundy, since burgundy should dominate in such a combination. Warm beige can balance the burgundy shade, make it softer.

Bordeaux and orange tones

A bold combination for those girls who like to draw attention to themselves. The two shades are related. Therefore, they will simply complement each other. In this way, the most important thing is to correctly place accents.How to correctly combine burgundy color in clothes

Bordeaux and the color of a dusty rose

This combination can be called ideal. Muted pink is in perfect harmony with a noble burgundy hue. Together, they make up a noble and non-flashy combination that is suitable for young girls.How to properly combine burgundy color in clothes

With the right combination, the burgundy color will look expensive and noble and will not add a few extra years to a woman.


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