How to properly paint your lips with red lipstick?

Have you ever tried playing noughts and crosses with red lipstick? In our step-by-step photo tutorial, we explain how this game will help you learn how to paint lips


Moisturize your lips with a balm, blot the rest after a couple of minutes. Using a pencil, outline the top center of the lip on one side, starting from the top corner. Do not stop by sketching only the outline: then you are more likely to not lose the accuracy and smoothness of the line.


Repeat the same trick on the other side, as a result, a “cross” should appear on the lips.


Draw an even outline along the center of the lower lip.


Place points between the corners of the lips and the center lines: these marks will help you easily connect the entire contour.


Connect all parts of the contour gradually.


Fill the entire surface of the lips with a pencil, or apply a matte lipstick that matches the color (by the way, we have already shown one of the best combinations of “red lipstick plus pencil”).


If you like glossy red lipsticks instead of matte, add some sheer gloss on top.

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