How to properly use washable hair dye

Every woman sooner or later decides to change her hair color. For those who are afraid to ruin their hair, there are unstable paints, or in other words, tonics. They create a color that washes off without residue after a few weeks. How to use tonics correctly?

What is a hair tonic

A tonic is a ready-made product that is used for dyeing hair in pure form or mixed with balms or masks. Due to its oily texture, it envelops the hair without getting inside. Most often, natural ingredients are used to create a good tonic, which exclude the addition of ammonia. The latter greatly spoils and dries the length.

How to properly use washable hair dye

Varieties of tonics:

  • Tint balm or shampoo. The most gentle type of coloring, in which the color on the hair lasts for about two weeks;
  • Tinted balm with medium impact. Hair color lasts about 4 weeks;
  • Persistent tonic. A composition that can last on hair from 1 to 2 months.
  • How to properly use washable hair dye

In order for the color to remain uniform, it must be renewed every 1.5 weeks, since the tonic is washed out of the hair faster.

How to properly use washable hair dye

Advantages and disadvantages

Main advantages:

  1. A gentle composition that does not damage the hair structure.
  2. Often, tonics contain nourishing and caring ingredients.
  3. Hair can even be dyed for pregnant women.
  4. Hair toner is easier to use than permanent dye.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. Huge selection of colors and shades.

How to properly use washable hair dye

The only drawback of such a paint is that it needs to be renewed much more often than a permanent one.

How to properly use washable hair dye

Correct use

The toner cannot be used on hair that has been lightened or permed. The more likely the color will be different from what you want, and the hair will become even worse.

How to properly use washable hair dye

Also, do not dye gray hair with tonic, as it will appear very brightly, and the pigment itself will lie in chunks. Some part of the hair may not take on such paint at all.

It is worth remembering that unusual and vibrant colors like pink or green can only work on blond hair. For dark girls, dyeing a few shades darker is available or using a tonic for a light shade on the hair.

How to properly use washable hair dye

Fair-haired people can dye their hair red, chocolate, red or black with a tonic. And blondes with yellowness with the help of purple or a special composition can neutralize it.

How to properly use washable hair dye

The toner is applied only to the washed head and to damp hair strands. The product is carefully distributed, the work takes place strictly with gloves, since the composition eats into the skin for a long time. After even distribution, the hair is gently fluffed into a light lather and left on for 30 minutes for an intense effect. The tonic is washed off only with running water.

How to properly use washable hair dye


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