How to properly wash your hair?

What water to wash your hair with

It seems that shampooing is the most common process. Many women carry out this action almost automatically. But everything is far from simple. Sometimes simple mistakes in washing curls can cause considerable hair problems, up to and including hair loss. Often, excessively oily or dry hair, split ends, and hair loss can be attributed to inadequate hair care and inappropriate washing.

How to properly wash your hair? Recommendations

  1. It is important to remember that the amount of shampoo applied should be proportional to the length of the hair. The product must not be poured directly onto the hair. So you can use up the shampoo too quickly, and besides, a too concentrated composition will get on a certain part of the head. Therefore, it is better to start by lathering the shampoo in the palms of your hands.
  2. Before each shampooing, the hair should be combed thoroughly. This is how it will turn out to rinse all the strands well. Hair is washed from ear to ear – according to the conditional zones, and at the end you can start in the occipital zone. Movements should be confident, but light and massaging. You need to make such movements only with your fingertips – pads, but not with your nails, so as not to injure the scalp. Light massage is very beneficial for the hair roots.
  3. How much shampoo to apply? It depends on how often you wash your hair. If a girl washes her hair every day, it makes no sense for her to soap her head twice. But for those who wash their hair twice a week or less, we recommend applying shampoo twice. The second time, the amount used can be reduced.
  4. A lot of women make a serious mistake by washing their hair with excessively hot water. This temperature activates the sebum. Therefore, the hair quickly becomes dirty. The best temperature for washing your hair should be 40 degrees. This temperature activates blood circulation well, reduces sebum production and washes away dirt.
  5. Any shampooing should be completed by rinsing hair with cool water. Low temperature water activates blood circulation and also makes the strands shinier.
  6. Applying a hair mask after shampoo is also worthwhile. It all depends on the condition of your hair, the desired result and the full composition of the product itself. If the hair is very dry or damaged, then the mask should be used every time you wash your hair. If after 8-12 applications the effect of the use was evident, then the mask can be used much less often.

How often should I wash my hair?

There are shampoos for daily use – it is written on them that they are delicate. These products have a neutral and non-aggressive composition. These products can be used frequently, especially for dry and weak hair. When determining the frequency of shampooing, it is important to consider the specific hair type. Oily hair, for example, quickly builds up oil, so taking a long break from washing can lead to minor inflammation. Fine hair will require more frequent washing and maintenance, while curls with coarse textures may need to be washed 1-2 times a week. For the finest hair, you can try using hair conditioner instead of shampoo to avoid washing the natural oils out of your curls.

What is the best way to wash your hair?

When considering hair care, many are interested in what shampoo to wash your hair? In this regard, it is important to adhere to a certain principle: you should choose only the drug that, according to the description, is suitable for your hair type, and then consistently analyze and evaluate the results. Now the market offers a huge range of care products, so every girl can choose the most suitable drug. Good results from using a suitable product include cleanly washed hair, free from grease and grease, healthy shine after drying and noticeable obedience, sufficient volume, and no irritation.

A high-quality shampoo should return the lost proteins, moisture, and supply of nutrients to the hair; such a means to increase the elasticity of your strands; it also protects the cuticle and visibly smoothes the hair scales. A good shampoo will not overly weigh the strands and protect them from the influence of sunlight, will not let the hair become electrified, adding softness and silkiness to them. To realize that this shampoo did not suit you – two uses are enough. But to make sure that you have found a suitable product, it should take at least a month. After a good product has been found, you should not change it to others that are actively promoted by advertising.

How and how to dry your hair after washing?

Hair clean – what to do after shampooing? Drying your hair with a hairdryer immediately after washing is incredibly harmful. It is better to wrap your hair with a towel for 5-10 minutes, allowing it to absorb excess moisture from the hair. And then it is ideal to let the strands dry themselves. Wet hair swells from water, and therefore falls out and breaks faster. That is why sharp movements with wet strands are definitely not worth doing.

If there is no time, and you need to dry your head as soon as possible, you still cannot do without using a hair dryer. In this case, it is important to use means to protect the strands from hot air currents. To preserve the beauty of your hair and hairstyle, you should dry the strands with your head tilted down and directing air currents from the roots to the ends. Thus, the scales will not exfoliate, and the hair will remain obedient and shine well. You should not dry your hair to the end – let the hair remain at least a little damp – this way the woman will be confident that she has not dried out her strands.

How and with what to comb your hair?

Freshly washed strands should never be combed – they are still too fragile. For the brushing procedure, a comb with soft teeth is ideal, which will not scratch the scalp and will not damage the hair structure in any way. A wooden comb or natural bristle product is the most suitable option. A birch comb will be of very high quality – with regular use, it will not only heal your hair, but also relieve it of dandruff.

Once a day, brushing your hair should be stretched to ten minutes. So the hair can be well cleaned of dust and dirt, and daily fatty secretions will be evenly distributed throughout the hair, not remaining only at the roots.

Can I wash my hair with soap?

It is believed that washing your hair with soap is much safer than shampooing. There are both positive and negative aspects to this issue. In many ways, soap is safer than shampoo. The vast majority of detergents are based on the SLS component – an aggressive and harmful substance that enters the body, accumulates there, and then causes very serious diseases. And the composition of soap most often contains fats and soda, so high-quality soap is not able to provoke problems.

What are the benefits of using soap?

  • safer composition;
  • soap does not cover the hair with a film, unlike shampoo, and therefore the curls become less dirty, the scalp breathes and the strands do not look greasy;
  • soap can reduce hair loss;
  • tar soap can improve the overall condition of the hair;
  • the soap will not be addictive;
  • in addition, soap is a more economical and not as expensive option as shampoo.

Disadvantages of using soap as shampoo:

  • soap foams much worse, because it is more difficult to use;
  • soap is less washed off from the surface of the hair, therefore it is more difficult to wash it so that no plaque remains on the strands;
  • soap, like shampoo, washes away the protective barrier from the surface of the skin, which is not very good;
  • after shampoo it is difficult to switch to soap once – it will take time for the hair to get used to this kind of change.

If the girl has decided to use soap for washing her hair, then it is better to use baby or tar soap for these purposes. It is better not to use household items. When choosing this product, you should carefully read the composition – now sometimes even SLS is added to children’s preparations.

Is it possible to wash curls before dyeing them

Many beauties are wondering do i need to wash my hair before dyeing? There is no single answer to this question. Masters also have a double opinion on this topic. If a woman changes her hair color for the first time and does it in the salon, then it is better for her to wash her hair 2-3 days before visiting the hairdresser. The specialist himself will carry out all the preparatory procedures, if necessary. When dyeing curls at home, it is important for a girl to read the instructions. It is always important to strictly follow all the advice: if the manufacturer advises to apply the product to clean strands, do so; if it is recommended to dye dirty curls, wait a few days until the hair is covered with a thin film of fat. A reputable manufacturer will try to give advice with minimal damage to your hair. But still, many hairdressers agree that it is better to dye dirty hair – due to the layer of fat, the strands are less injured.

The best folk remedies for washing hair

  1. Mustard shampoo… A large spoonful of mustard is diluted with two liters of warm water. This shampoo is ideal for oily curls – it will remove oil and give a healthy shine and softness.
  2. Gelatin shampoo… You should mix the yolk, a spoonful of shampoo and a spoonful of dry gelatin. All this is whipped so that there are no lumps, then applied to the hair and kept for about 10 minutes. Then the hair is thoroughly washed. This product contains a lot of protein, so the curls become very thick and strong.
  3. Shampoo with yolk… Fresh yolk is rubbed into hair and scalp, and after 5 minutes, washed with water. Hair will become manageable and lush.
  4. Tansy shampoo… A large spoonful of tansy is poured with two glasses of boiling water and infused for 2 hours. The composition is filtered and their hair is washed. If the hair is very oily, then the strands should be washed with this composition for a month. The product fights dandruff well.

To maintain the beauty and health of your hair, it is not necessary to buy expensive preparations or do the impossible. It is enough just to choose the right shampoo and properly care for the curls. Take care of your hair and it will answer you with luxurious volume and shine!


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