How to quickly and accurately clean the fish? Six effective ways

The ways inven by culinary specialists will help to solve the problem. They will allow you to quickly and accurately clean the fish carcass.

Cleaning with a tablespoon

A regular tablespoon or fork will help to gently remove the scales from the fish. Cleaning should be done with gloves. Cutlery cleaning is carried out in stages:

  1. The carcass is washed and gutted. Gutted fish are easier to clean.
  2. The prepared carcass is placed on a paper-wrapped cutting board. This will prevent the fishy odor from entering the cooking utensils. Then prickly fins are cut from the fish with scissors to protect themselves from injury to the skin.
  3. The carcass is pressed against a cutting board and scales are picked up with the edge of a spoon. Scales are removed moving from the tail. This will keep the scales on the cutlery and not scatter around the room.
  4. Scales from a fork (spoon) are removed with a napkin and thrown into the trash.

The whole process will take a few minutes.

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Cleaning with a float

A special grater will help you to easily and accurately clean the fish from the scales. It is used for cleaning rocks with hard scales.

You can find such a grater in the store, or you can make it yourself. To do this, you need to take a plate and iron caps from beer bottles. The covers should be nailed to a wooden base. Such a homemade grater is not inferior to the store one.

Thus, the process of cleaning the fish will take a minimum amount of time, because the grater will simultaneously remove several rows of scales, preventing it from flying in different directions.

Boiling water cleaning

How to quickly and accurately clean a fish?  Six effective ways
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There are fish species that are difficult to clean. These include pike perch, tench, perch, horse mackerel. Scraping off the scaly coating from these fish takes a lot of time and effort from the hostess.

A little culinary trick will make cleaning easier and significantly faster. Before cleaning, the fish of these species should be doused with boiling water. However, prolonged contact of the carcass with the var should be avoided so that the scales do not fall off along with the skin and meat. Processing should take 2 to 3 seconds.

Scalding will cause the flaky coating to stand on end and easily come off in layers.

Freeze cleaning

Freezing the fish will help to quickly and easily remove scales from the carcass. The fish should be sent to the freezer for 6 hours. Then defrost in a sink for 2 hours. The thawed carcass can be easily cleaned with a sharp knife. In this case, the scales will not fly apart at all sides.

Cleaning with salt

How to quickly and accurately clean the fish?  Six effective ways
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Experienced housewives use salt to make cleaning easier. The carcass should be rubbed well with salt before cleaning. After such treatment, the fish will cease to be slippery, it will not slip out of the hands during cleaning. The salt will also soften the scaly coating so it will easily come off the carcass.

Cleaning in water or in a bag

A large bag or a deep container of water can help keep your kitchen clean after cleaning.

The fish can be placed in a large, tight plastic bag. It should be free to easily clean the carcass inside. This “protective cover” will prevent scales from flying around the kitchen. All dirt and offal will remain in the bag, which after cleaning will only have to be tied up and sent to the trash.

You can also clean the fish in a bowl filled with water. The carcass immersed in water is cleaned using the classical method with a knife. All scales will remain in the water, which will prevent all kitchen surfaces from getting dirty. Upon completion of work, the cleaned fish should be rinsed under running water.

How to quickly and accurately clean the fish?  Six effective ways
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Knowing these secrets for cleaning fish scales, it will be possible to quickly and accurately prepare for further fish cooking. The above methods will not only shorten the cleaning time, but also exclude further cleaning of the room from scattered scales.


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