How to realize the new beauty trend launched by Chiara Ferragni

For years the must was having eyebrows ad Seagull wings, that is, with the initial thick part that gradually tapers to end downwards.

But in the last two years, many VIPs have shown off the new trend that focuses on the effect wild. Go ahead and then a eyebrows thick and full, but always impeccably cared for.

Eyebrows disheveled upwards

Chiara Ferragni however, she did not just thicken her eyebrows to follow this new trend but, as she often does, she launched one of her own. It was enough for her to publish a photo with little Vittoria to inspire us with her look. The choice of combing them up, creating a “fake disheveled” effect, is a key detail that allows you to refresh the eye contour. Emphasize and lengthen it gaze, creates a natural lifting effect and draws a resolute expression even on the most angelic face.

How to make them

Those who have been relentless on their eyebrows for years, may have difficulty now to regrow hairs throughout thearcata. In this case it will be enough to resort to a semi-permanent tattoo or lamination.

The tattoo, also called microblading, allows you to redesign the shape of the eyebrows and thicken them by tattooing “hair on hair”. After about a year the pigmentation tends to fade.

The lamination, on the other hand, it is a curative treatment that deeply nourishes and at the same time gives a fold to the hair, ironing and polishing it.

Those who do not have this problem or because of their young age or because in the past they have not exaggerated with the tweezers, will have to follow these 3 simple steps.

    1. Brush the brows upward with one toothbrush for eyebrows or with an old mascara.
    2. Fill in any gaps between the hairs with a pencil for eyebrows, of the same color as your own. Be careful not to color the skin, but to draw lines that follow the direction of nearby hairs.
    3. Apply a fixing gel transparent to make the “styling” lasting.


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