How to reduce calves if you are overweight or pumped

Someone is given the desired figure by nature, others have to achieve bodily beauty through hard work and training. And if increasing something in size due to gaining muscle mass is, in principle, not so difficult, then decreasing something is much more problematic. One of the most common female problems is excessively full calves.

Let’s talk about how to reduce the volume of the lower leg and calves.

Why are calves big

To understand how to reduce calves, you need to have an idea for what reasons they can be full:

  • Excess weight… The relationship between fullness and large calves is direct. Excess fat tends to be deposited in all parts of the body – although it is formed in the calves last. However, it also happens: a woman is thin, but her legs are not at all. In this case, the reason for the fullness of calves is different.
  • Overtraining… Thick calves are among those women who are engaged in such sports, where a heavy load falls on the legs. Therefore, the main problem for female athletes is to reduce inflated calves.
  • Puffiness… When the legs are swollen, the calves become bulky. This often happens if a woman is pregnant, loves excessively salty food, or is not all right with her heart and circulatory system. In this case, it is possible to reduce the shin and calves only by first getting rid of the above reasons: by limiting salt intake, curing the heart, etc.
  • Genetic features… This is one of the most common causes of overweight calves. If mom or dad has full caviar, then there is a high probability that children will have the same feature. Dealing with such a problem is not easy, but it is possible.

You can determine the cause of full calves as follows. Standing on your toes, tense your calf muscle and pinch the top layer of your skin. If the fold is small, then you can reduce the caviar through training. And if it’s big, then you need to lose weight and add to the cardio workout regimen.

How to reduce pumped caviar

There are several ways to reduce inflated calves on the legs for girls involved in sports and having large muscle mass.

Create a new training plan in which the load on the legs is less. Gradually, the caviar will lose volume.

For those involved in strength training, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Start working with lightweight shells, abandoning record weights. The weight of the projectile must be such that it can be approached at least 20 times.
  • Work with such a projectile must be repeated at least 30-40 times in one workout.
  • The calf muscles should not be loaded abruptly, but monotonously and gradually. It is these exercises to reduce the calves of the legs that will ultimately bring results.

The program needs to add exercises to lose weight in the calf muscles in women. Most effective: a variety of stretches, bends, leg raises, calf raises, lunges, knee lifts, leg abduction.

All of these exercises are good at removing excess lactic acid in the calves, and, in addition, they prevent cramps and spasms. And, of course, they help to reduce the volume of the calf muscles.

How to reduce fat calves

Of course, not only athletes suffer from full calves, but also women who are far from sports. Is it possible to reduce the calves on the legs if they have increased due to excess weight? Yes, let’s talk about what exercises for weight loss of the lower leg can help at home.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope will help shrink your calves

For greater effect, several conditions must be met:

  • Don’t jump too high: 3-4 cm will be enough;
  • the rotation of the rope should be performed not with the forearms and shoulders, but exclusively with the help of the hands;
  • the back should be kept straight and the legs slightly bent;
  • try to land not on a full foot or on heels, but on toes.

Rise on toes

First with one foot, then with the other. You need to do this exercise at least 20-25 times in one approach, without weighting.


You need to run at a measured pace, for long distances, so that the fat burning process can start.

Exercise Bike

To reduce the muscles in your calves, you must adhere to the rule: no excessive pedaling, but extremely slow, smooth and monotonous work. Otherwise, the muscles from such exercises will only strengthen, and the caviar will become even thicker.

Calf slimming food

Losing weight in calves is possible only by reducing the weight of the whole body. Losing weight starts when you consume fewer calories than you expend.

First, let’s calculate the daily allowance, and then reduce it by 300-400 calories – this will create a deficit, thanks to which you can lose weight.

The calorie content of the daily diet is calculated by the formula: 655 + (weight in kilograms x 9.6) + (height in centimeters x 1.8) – (age in years x 4.7).

We multiply the result by the coefficient of daily activity. It depends on how much you move:

  • 1.2 – low level of activity – you move a little, sit or lie down most of the day;
  • 1.38 – Corresponds to 1-3 medium intensity workouts per week.
  • 1.55 – trainings 3-5 times a week;
  • 1.73 – moderate training 5-7 times a week or intense 3-4.

When you reach your optimal weight and lose weight in calves, you need to increase the calorie intake to the daily value.

Weight loss is influenced not only by the number of calories, but also by the composition of the diet.

To lose weight without suffering from hunger and feeling unwell, include the following foods:

  • boiled lean meat;
  • eggs;
  • porridge (250-300 g per day);
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • water and unsweetened teas.

proper nutrition will help reduce calves

What should be discarded:

  • from everything sweet;
  • muffins and yeast dough;
  • canned food (they contain a lot of salt, it retains water in the body, causes edema);
  • fried and smoked food;
  • packaged juices (you can drink freshly squeezed juices).

Special exercises and a reduction in strength loads on the legs help reduce pumped calves. If you are overweight, you need to reduce the number of calories in the daily diet and introduce cardio training – this will speed up the process of losing weight. Losing weight only in calves is impossible.

To visually reduce games, you can refuse high-heeled shoes, completely without heels and with ankle straps. The ideal option is a medium massive heel or platform. But first of all, of course, you need to focus on comfort.

You can visually reduce large calves using clothes:

  • give up tight pants and capri pants;
  • avoid the pencil skirt model, knee-length A-line skirts are ideal;
  • choose skirts and dresses with a simple hem – ruffles, fringes and other decor will only draw attention to the calves;
  • make noticeable accents on clothing for the upper body.

Large calves make the silhouette disproportionate. This can be easily compensated for with clothing. However, if you want to reduce calves not only visually, you need to determine the reason for their fullness. It could be swelling, excess weight, and muscle mass. Losing weight and reducing pumped calves can be done with exercise and proper nutrition. If the cause is edema, you need to check with a doctor and review the diet.


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