How to reduce the signs of fatigue?

Solutions to revive radiance

Fatigue is often synonymous with a dull complexion. In question, a microcirculation which works in slow motion and suddenly, prevents cellular exchanges. Of course, the exfoliation, to be carried out once or twice a week, is a good ally to eliminate dead cells on the surface of the skin. But to revive the venous and lymphatic microcirculation, it is essential to stimulate the skin. The endermologie® sessions provided using Cellu M6 Alliance® technology, with a patented head, exfoliate the skin, oxygenate the tissues and restart the microcirculation. His secret? It exerts micro-beats on the surface of the skin and acts like a workout for luminous and radiant skin from the first session. And to optimize the effectiveness of the sessions, take a course of food supplements: the Express Brightening & Anti-Aging Concentrate J14 LPG® is full of nutrients that boost the skin’s healthy glow.

Tips to erase dark circles

Hollow, brown or purplish, sometimes associated with puffiness, dark circles undoubtedly betray your exhaustion. To eliminate them, you usually apply eye contour treatments based on escin or horse chestnut, which revive the microcirculation, or based on caffeine, decongestant. Obviously you cover it all up with a good concealer. Reflexes that are effective, but often insufficient. The boost? A special “endermologie® zone care” program for eyes or bags and dark circles, which drains toxins and stimulates the microcirculation of this fragile area thanks to a head specially designed for the eye area. Combine with LPG® Eye Contour Care, for even better results. As a result, a younger look and less deep.

Tips for smoothing wrinkles

If wrinkles don’t set in overnight, they seem to get bigger when you’re tired. And particularly vertical wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds. The effective solution for sure? Intense hydration, morning and evening, with a serum and cream duo, to plump them up. LPG® Eye & Lip Contour Care is a good ally, and easy to apply thanks to its metal tip. The ideal? Combine this ritual with endermologie® sessions, in order to boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to mechanical stimulation, they redensify the skin and fill in wrinkles effectively and durably. In duo with an LPG® cosmetic treatment, it is the winning combination for refreshed features.


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