How to remove bags under the eyes: all the ways

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Eye bags are one of the most annoying problems. Puffiness and a tired look definitely do not paint anyone. Of course, dark circles and puffiness can be masked with regular concealer, but wouldn’t it be better to get rid of them once and for all? We analyze the causes of bags under the eyes and how to eliminate them.

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How to remove bags under the eyes?

There are many ways to deal with bags and dark circles under the eyes. The most common are cosmetic procedures and operations, but home remedies are also popular, which are not only the simplest, but also inexpensive. Below we will describe several ways.

The causes of bags under the eyes

Swelling under the eyes can occur for many reasons – for example, unhealthy diet, cosmetics, congenital and pathological processes – all this can affect the formation of hated bags.

Improper nutrition

Whoever says anything, but proper nutrition is an integral part of a healthy body. Junk food can negatively affect Not only on your figure, but also on skin tone. So choose healthy foods over junk food and fried foods. Also, do not abuse salt: as we know, it retains water in the body, which makes the face swell.

Effects of cosmetics

Poor quality cosmetics or improperly selected care products can provoke an allergic reaction, resulting in the appearance of puffiness under the eyes. Moisturizers can also cause morning eyelid puffiness if you apply generously before bed.

Pathological processes

In addition to acquired factors, heredity, diseases and pathological processes can affect the formation of bags under the eyes. Thin skin, a predisposition to rosacea and allergic reactions can cause dark circles.

How to remove bags under the eyes at home?

Let’s figure out how you can deal with puffiness under the eyes while sitting at home and without resorting to expensive procedures.


Pharmacy ointments can cope well with bags caused by an unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, and long sitting at the computer. When choosing an ointment, pay attention to ingredients such as caffeine, rosemary, heparin, sage, vitamin C, zinc, plantain, phenylephrine. The most popular ointments are Relief, Zinc, Afulim, Lyoton.


Beloved by all patches – a real assistant against puffiness under the eyes. They not only fight bags, but also smoothen and moisturize the skin. You can buy this miracle remedy in almost every cosmetic store.

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This is the easiest way, where all you need is water, a freezer, and an ice cube tray. Ice cubes need to be prepared in advance: before going to bed, pour water into the mold and put it in the freezer. Wipe the area around the eyes with ice every morning and the result will not keep you waiting. You can also freeze chamomile broth, tea.


Masks are another way to fight. Both cosmetic face masks and homemade cucumber masks are suitable.


A cold compress, like other methods, cools the skin around the eyes and tones the dermis. Just soak a cotton ball in cool water and place the compress under your eyes for a few minutes. The method with metal spoons is popular. You need to cool the spoons under running cold water, blot them with a towel and apply to the skin under the eyes.

Tea lotions

Tea lotions are an excellent remedy in the fight against swelling in the eye area. Both black and green tea contain caffeine, which penetrates the skin and improves blood circulation. To make a lotion, brew two tea bags, keep them in boiling water for several minutes, then remove, cool and put in the refrigerator for 15–20 minutes. Then remove the remaining liquid and place it under the eyes for 15-20 minutes.

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You can fight bags under the eyes with self-massage. First, apply some cream under the eyes, then massage the area at the bridge of the nose with your index fingers and slide them along the eyebrow. The main thing is that the movements are smooth and do not stretch the skin too much.


Like our body, the face also needs a gymnast. Face building has become a very popular way to combat expression lines, decrepit skin and bags under the eyes. There are a number of facial exercises that will tone the skin and remove swelling.

Effective procedures and operations

Fighting bags under the eyes at home, of course, is cheaper and easier, but it has a temporary effect. If you want to get rid of the swelling once and for all, you should use cosmetic treatments or consider surgery. Let’s list the most common methods.

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Oculoplasty – an operation that is focused on rejuvenating the eyelids and solving aesthetic problems of the area around the eyes. The bottom line is that surgical intervention takes place on the eye muscles, eyelids, orbital tissues, lacrimal organs.

Fattrafting – this technique consists in the fact that a specialist injects your own fat cells in the eye area.

Broulifting – this is an eyebrow lift. This procedure is performed through a small incision, while fixing the eyebrows in the desired position.

Pinch – a type of skin tightening, with the help of which the excess skin of the eyelids is removed with a specialized device, while not touching the muscles and blood vessels.

Cantopexy – this procedure should be done after the eyelid begins to drop in order to raise the corner of the eye and tighten the skin.

Mesotherapy – use of preparations enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. The beautician injects injections, the results of which are noticeable after a couple of procedures. The effect of mesotherapy is dense and radiant skin.

Laser therapy – a procedure where the process of skin regeneration is started with the help of a laser. Thanks to this technique, a large amount of collagen and elastin is produced in the skin, which repairs damaged areas. The result of the procedure is smooth and elastic skin.

Plasmolifting – the essence of the procedure is that a specialist injects your own plasma under the skin. This is a fairly safe procedure that does not cause an allergic reaction. The result is firm and radiant skin.



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