How to remove belly wrinkles?

Many girls are complex because of their figure. The folds on the belly give them a lot of anxiety. After seeing flawless models on the pages of glossy magazines or on Instagram, it seems that a crease is a sign of excess weight. In fact, small folds are completely normal and familiar, but not a very aesthetic phenomenon. In this text, we’ll show you how to remove belly wrinkles.

Why does a belly fold appear?

There are three main causes of abdominal folds – eating disorders, overeating, and lack of exercise. Less commonly, folds on the abdomen can appear as a hereditary trait, due to anxiety, hormonal imbalance and metabolic disorders that lead to obesity. Often older people face this problem: their abdominal muscles are too weak and stretched. Most affected are women who have acquired a small tummy after childbirth, especially those who have had a cesarean section. Women over 40 are more prone to wrinkling due to a decrease in estrogen levels. In young girls, it transfers fat to the buttocks and thighs. As soon as it becomes less, fat remains at the level of the abdomen.

Wrinkles are a characteristic feature of those who have dramatically lost weight. The skin of such people does not quickly tighten, and thus folds appear.

Weakness of the back muscles can cause wrinkling. Then the person is constantly hunched over, his abdominal muscles are weakened. After a while, the abdomen begins to sag.

How to remove belly wrinkles?

What is the rate of fat folds?

It should not be much more than 1.5 cm.To understand what size your folds are, you need:

  • stand up, grab the fold at the waist at the level of the navel with two fingers and pull it forward;
  • determine the thickness of the fold.

In principle, this can be done by eye or with a ruler for measuring skin and fat folds, called a caliper.

What are the health risks of belly folds?

Belly fat is the most dangerous. They lead to pathologies of internal organs. The larger the fold, the more fat covers the liver, spleen, and intestines. This can exacerbate chronic diseases or cause new ones.

How to get rid of belly fat?

Start a new diet

Talk to your dietitian for a balanced diet. The appearance and enlargement of the fold is not affected by cereals, milk, fruits, berries, vegetables, dietary meat and fish. You will have to give up sweet, flour, fatty and other high-calorie foods. The most dangerous of all is trans fats, of which there are a lot in fast food, cutlets fried in oil and snacks. They are the ones that most affect the appearance of fatty deposits in the abdomen. The problem is not only that they are high in fat, but also in excess of calories.

The diet should not be strict

If you drastically limit the amount of calories, the body will seek a way out of the stressful situation. He will keep the same amount of fat until the last, while you increase the chance of breaking loose and eventually gaining even more.

How to remove belly wrinkles?

Physical activity

The main thing here is to choose the type of activity that you like: swimming, dancing, running, fitness. Even an ordinary warm-up after waking up will be a big plus. Jogging, abdominal exercises and crunches will give the greatest effect. Keep in mind that abdominal exercises alone will not be enough – the muscles may be trained, but they will not be visible under the layer of fat. It is necessary to develop different muscle groups. To get rid of folds as quickly as possible, they need to be done 2 times daily – in the morning and in the evening.

One method will not be enough to combat fat folds, so it is necessary to work in conjunction with proper diet and sleep patterns and daily exercise. To find out the exact reason for the formation of folds on the abdomen, we recommend that you undergo a complete medical examination.

Do the exercise “Vacuum”

To do this, you need to take a deep breath, draw in your stomach and hold your breath. This exercise is very powerful because it engages the transverse muscle, which is located deep under the skin and remains intact during normal training. It must be done either on an empty stomach or 4 hours after the last meal. In addition to the “vacuum”, the exercises “bridge” and “fish” will help get rid of the fold.


The most enjoyable way to fight fat is massage. It helps relieve tension, shed fat and relax. It is important to massage regularly. You can massage your belly yourself in two ways: making circular movements and gently pinching the skin. To improve blood circulation and enhance the effect, special creams should be used. They will help make the skin firmer and more elastic.


A more radical method is ultrasonic cavitation and liposuction. It is quite expensive, but it will quickly remove excess fat. Cosmetic procedures are not available to everyone due to contraindications. They should not be used for diabetics and people with acute and chronic diseases. Another disappointment: there is no absolute guarantee that the fat folds will never return.

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