How to remove cheeks: modeling the face correctly

There are several effective ways to clear your cheeks. Swelling of the face can be the result of age-related changes or genetic predisposition, overweight or sudden weight loss, swelling, or improper care.

A whole range of measures helps to remove the roundness of the cheeks at an early stage, including diet and a healthy lifestyle, daily face, neck and décolleté care, massage, face and body gymnastics. Over the years, it is more effective for a woman to use professional techniques for correcting cheeks and facial contours. Ladies aged 50-55 + will need the help of a plastic surgeon.

When can the cheeks be removed?

To get rid of chubby cheeks, you need to find out the reason why they appeared. If age or a genetic factor is to blame, then the solution to the problem is possible only by surgery. It will not be possible to remove bulldog cheeks or wide cheekbones on your own from birth.

If the body weight is normal, and the cheeks are chubby, it may be due to the swelling of the face. You need to visit a doctor and find out its cause. Regular use of certain over-the-counter medications can also cause facial swelling.

If you are overweight or have a craving for sweets, you can lose weight in the face and cheeks by losing weight.

To remove the cheeks, you will need:

  • balanced diet;
  • regular exercise;
  • cosmetic activities.

Reducing the calorie intake and physical activity in the complex burns fat mass throughout the body, including subcutaneous fat on the cheeks.

It is known that any mono-diet helps to quickly remove cheeks at home, as the first person to lose weight in women. But when leaving this rigid scheme, when the calorie content of the diet increases, the cheeks are the first to increase.

Massage and exercises to reduce the cheeks

How to remove cheeks with exercise


Regular massage and face slimming exercises help fight chubby cheeks. If training of facial muscles is carried out from time to time, then you should not count on a noticeable result.

A combined approach will help to remove cheeks at home, which includes:

  • massage;
  • contrasting washing;
  • exercises.

Massage instructions

Massage is the most effective method to help shrink your cheeks at home:

    • After thorough cleansing of the face skin, we apply a nourishing cream or oily cosmetic oil – olive, argan, almond.
    • First, we lightly stroke the skin, preventing it from stretching.
    • Moving from the center of the face along the massage lines to the earlobes, gently pinch the cheeks.
  • Gently pat your fingers along the lines from the center of the chin to the ears.
  • Blot the skin with a napkin and apply a moisturizer.


It will help to remove cheeks at home and regular honey massage (do it before exercise):

    1. Place 1 tbsp. l. honey in a thermowell and slightly warm in a steam bath or in the microwave.
    2. Using your fingertips, apply the honey to your cheeks, gently tapping the massage lines until it sticks.
    3. Treat cheeks with honey until slightly reddened. It is not necessary to clap too vigorously, the pink tone of the face is enough, otherwise edema may appear. By stimulating blood microcirculation, it is possible to increase the flow of nutrients to cells and oxygen – the main participant in the fat burning process.
    4. Wash with cool water or herbal tea and pat dry with a towel.

    Contrast treatments for cheek reduction

    How to remove cheeks with contrast procedures


    Washing alternately with warm and cold water helps to stimulate metabolic processes, improve blood circulation, and charge the skin with vigor and energy.

    To quickly remove the cheeks on the face, the contrast washing procedure:

    • Start with a warm phase. Rinse your face for 5-10 seconds.
    • The transition to the cold phase. Turn on the tap of cold, but not ice-cold, water and rinse your face for 5-10 seconds.
    • Repeat the procedure 3-5 times.
    • You need to complete the contrasting wash in the cold phase. During the last wash, it is better to enhance the contrast effect by slightly increasing the temperature of hot water and lowering that of cold water. It is better to prolong the final wash for a few seconds, and then rub your face with a soft towel, without stretching the skin. Then the skin is treated with a moisturizer.

    A substitute for contrasting washing can be rubbing the cheeks and face in the morning with ice from decoctions of chamomile, mint, green tea, parsley. After a short procedure, so as not to overcool the skin, the face is soaked with a towel or napkin.


    Exercises for the face will certainly be required to remove the cheeks. After the mandatory warming up of the muscles with massage:

    1. Retain the maximum amount of air in your mouth by inflating your cheeks. Count up to 10-50 times, release the air and relax the muscles. Gradually increase the inflation time up to 3 minutes.
    2. Take some air into your mouth and roll it from the right cheek to the left and vice versa, then roll the balloon from the lower lip to the upper lip.
    3. Take more air into your mouth again and release it in portions. Press your cheeks lightly with your palms so that the resistance of the muscles makes them work.
    4. Fold lips with a “bow” or “fish”. Turn them in this position to the left and right.
    5. Press your cheeks with your hands and smile, resisting the muscles of your cheeks.
    6. With a pencil between your teeth, draw alphabet letters, words or numbers in the air.
    7. Putting your lips in a tube, sing long vowels – “o”, “y”, “and”.
    8. Form a tube with your lips, as when pronouncing the sound “o”. With the tongue, massage from the inside, then the left, then the right cheek, pressing for 3 seconds on each.
    9. Perform 100 or more kisses. This exercise not only perfectly trains your cheeks, but also cheers you up!

    To remove the cheeks, exercises for the cheekbones are repeated at least 25-50 times.

    Salon and surgical methods to remove cheeks

    How to remove cheeks with salon procedures


    To make your face thin and remove chubby cheeks, a dermatocosmetologist will choose a phased application of various techniques:

    • Bio-reinforcement . Indicated for mild to moderate ptosis without excessive body fat or age-related lumps. According to an individual scheme, a dense gel preparation will be injected under the skin, which forms a frame. It will form its own collagen threads that hold the middle part of the face. A course of 2-3 procedures is carried out with an interval of 2 months. The effect lasts up to 2 years.
    • Plasmolifting . The introduction of plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood into the deep dermal layers stimulates collagenogenesis and eliminates ptosis – tissue sagging. To remove the cheeks, you need to take a course of 5-7 sessions with breaks of 14 days.
    • Thermolifting . Warming up tissues in the early stages of ptosis allows you to get rid of the cheeks on the face due to high-frequency radio currents. The high temperature helps break down fat and improves the elasticity of the skin. It is not used during the period of active sun, there are contraindications. The general treatment consists of 7-10 sessions at intervals of 14 days. The effect lasts for about 18 months.
    • Threadlifting . Gold, platinum or mesothreads are inserted under the skin to lift and strengthen the lower third of the face – the chin and soft tissues of the cheeks. The price of the procedure depends on the quality and cost of the threads. Before a threadlifting session, it is recommended to remove fat from the face and cheeks using liposuction, otherwise the effect will be short-lived. If you perform both procedures in combination, then the result can last up to 2 years. The disadvantages of the method are high cost, for thin skin – translucence of the frame through the dermis.

    Sagging cheek skin in middle age and menopause can be removed with plastic surgery.


    These methods of reducing the cheeks and correcting the oval of the face have their pros and cons:

    • The advantages of an endoscopic upper face lift are small incisions, no side complications, rapid tissue regeneration and lifting of the muscles on the cheekbones, which helps to remove excess cheek volume. The disadvantages of the method are that the scars remain noticeable, since the scars do not dissolve and the method is ineffective with a large roundness of the cheeks.
    • The advantages of a circular facelift are a radical change in the oval, lifting the cheeks, clarity of the cheekbones and long-term rejuvenation, if you carry out contouring, then up to 7 years. Of the minuses – edema can disturb up to 30 days, tissues regenerate slowly, the use of anesthesia and the possibility of no more than 2 operations in a lifetime.
    • SMAS lifting. The advantages of the technique are the disappearance of deep wrinkles and restoration of tissue elasticity, the cheeks are well tightened, the effect can last up to 14 years. Disadvantages include the need for general anesthesia and a 3-week recovery period with bruising, swelling and inflammation.

    Nutrition to get rid of cheeks

    How to remove cheeks with a diet


    Full cheeks are the result of overweight or water-salt imbalance. A face and cheek slimming diet is a correct, balanced diet, in which foods that contribute to weight gain are excluded.

    To remove cheeks, you need to exclude from the menu:

    • flour, pastries and sweets;
    • appetite-stimulating sauces based on ketchup and mayonnaise;
    • salt;
    • alcoholic beverages, including beer with snacks;
    • convenience foods and fast food.


    Fractional – fractional – nutrition better than others helps to remove thick cheeks. To do this, you need to consume food in small portions 5-6 times a day.

    You can choose from useful products:

    • protein foods – lean meat and fish, cottage cheese, eggs, chicken breast or seafood;
    • carbohydrates in cereals rich in vegetable fiber, durum wheat pasta, fruits and vegetables;
    • calcium-containing foods;
    • vegetable fats – olive, sunflower oil, which is used only for making salads;
    • clean water at least 1.5–2 liters per day;
    • green tea.

    If you want to quickly remove your cheeks and lose weight in general, you will have to give up industrial sweets. For desserts, some dried fruit, a couple of dark chocolate pieces, or a protein bar are allowed.

    Cheek Slimming Workouts

    How to remove cheeks with workouts


    Separately, getting rid of fat on the cheeks without resorting to reducing the total body weight will not work. The body burns energy by evenly extracting and breaking down triglycerides within adipocytes from all parts of the body.

    Scientists believe that the most effective for weight loss are high-intensity interval training, when cardio loads are distributed in cycles – the “explosive” stage and the recovery stage alternately change.

    It will be possible to remove full cheeks by alternating fast running with walking for 30-40 minutes or more. The process of breaking down fat begins after about 20 minutes of intense exercise, when the pulse reaches the appropriate level.

    To enhance the effect, the training complex includes strength exercises, combined jumps “Jumping Jack” and “Burpee”, lunges, squats and others. They help build muscle mass, which helps the body burn fat throughout the body, including the subcutaneous layer on the cheeks.

    What to do to lose weight on your cheeks? Exercise regularly and gradually increase the load.

    Doctors from the British National Health Service recommend that you devote at least 2.5 hours aerobic training per week. If you pick up dumbbells while running or squatting, the rate of fat burning in the body will increase and your cheeks will begin to lose weight faster.

    Water balance for swelling of the cheeks

    Reducing the cheeks is not only a fight against fatty layer, but also getting rid of edema. To restore water balance, it is necessary to eliminate or minimize sugar and salt, the main property of which is the retention of water in the body. They help to store fluid and store it in adipose tissue, which absorbs moisture like a sponge. This process also takes place in the area of ​​the long-suffering cheeks.

    It is easy for a girl to remove chubby cheeks due to puffiness in a week, if you do not salt food, remove alcohol and sweets from the diet. Include vegetable fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits in the daily menu. Consume more calcium from low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir.

    At the same time, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day, not counting tea, coffee, juices and other drinks that nutritionists consider food. Water helps to eliminate edema.

    It will be possible to remove the cheeks in a week if you do a daily lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to remove excess fluid from the tissues of the cheeks, practice contrast washing and do exercises for the face and body.


    Masks for puffiness of the cheeks give a weak effect, they are more aimed at tightening the skin and improving it. But they can be used in combination with massage, facial gymnastics and contrast procedures.

    Losing weight on the cheeks is a complex process. At home, you can prevent the build-up of volume with massage, diet, face and body workouts. With age, you will have to use the help of a beautician or plastic surgeon.


    Useful video on how to remove cheeks with exercises


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