How to remove papillomas and warts: new methods

Warts and papillomas are benign neoplasms that are not dangerous to health. But they do not look aesthetically pleasing, they cling when changing clothes and bring a lot of inconvenience. The reason for their appearance is HPV, the human papillomavirus, which everyone has, but manifests itself with a decrease in immunity. Therefore, the problem must be solved not only from the outside, but also from the inside. But from taking pills and strengthening immunity, the growths that have already appeared will not disappear, they must be removed. Choose the method that suits you and enjoy beautiful skin!

Wart – appears on open areas of the body, rather hard to the touch, 2-10 mm in size. In rare cases, the wart may disappear yourself.

Papilloma – a soft build-up measuring 0.2-1.0 mm, which appears in places of profuse sweating (in the folds of the skin). Papillomas do not disappear without removal.

Cryodestruction, from 300 rubles.

Cryodestruction – exposure of tissues to very low temperatures from -100 to -180 degrees. The surgeon applies liquid nitrogen pointwise to the neoplasm and maintains the required time. The cold kills unnecessary tissue and removes the root wart. The disadvantage of the procedure is that it is impossible to control the depth of the effect of the drug and it is very easy to damage healthy tissue. After the procedure, a small blister appears at the site of the formations, which disappears after a couple of days, leaving even and new skin. Cryodestruction is not suitable for removing papillomas, it is more used for large warts on the sole or on the palms.

Electrocoagulation, from 150 rubles.

Unlike the previous method, high temperatures are applied here. The surgeon works with a special device with a nozzle, which allows you to remove each formation pointwise. The current destroys the tissue, and the thermal effect coagulates the blood and kills the growth. A crust remains at the site of exposure, which disappears after a week. After the session, you need to strictly adhere to the recommendations, do not peel off the crust and do not wet it. Of the pros – low cost. Cons – soreness not recommended for warts and papillomas on the face, as can leave scars.

Laser removal, from 450 rubles.

The most modern and fastest method for removing warts and papillomas. The laser beam acts very precisely, heats up tissues and destroys them. During the session, the surgeon can control the depth and width of the impact so that healthy skin remains intact. The procedure is relatively painful, but a special anesthetic cream is applied before it, which dulls the pain. Of the minuses – high price and an unpleasant smell of burnt skin during exposure. Suitable for any site, including for formations on the eyelids, mucous membranes and face. Laser leaves no scars, if you follow the recommendations after: do not peel off the crust, do not wet or sunbathe for the first two weeks.


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