How to remove semi-permanent gel polish at home?

A shiny and smooth varnish. This is the promise of the gel manicure or semi-permanent. If its hold is perfect, taking it off on its own can be a real pain: you can’t just put on a nail polish remover and hope it goes away. Here is how to remove the produces efficiently while avoiding damaging the nails.

1 / Remove semi-permanent varnish at home: sand gently

The first step is to have a polisher and very lightly sand the surface of the nails. The goal is to remove some material in order to allow the solvent to penetrate and act more effectively. Warning: you must do it slowly, at the risk of‘damage the nail and cuticles.

2 / Remove semi-permanent varnish at home: wrap your fingers

To remove the varnish, nothing like the solvent curls with acetone, essential ingredient to dissolve the gel. This involves cutting ten aluminum strips and ten pieces of cotton wool previously soaked in solvent. Place the cotton on the nail and wrap the tip of your finger with the aluminum foil. Leave your hands like this for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove them gently. If the varnish is still there, this is normal: it is simply softened and can therefore be removed using a small wooden stick. Scrape lightly so that the layer of varnish comes off and pull.

3 / Remove semi-permanent varnish at home: nourish the nails

Once the varnish has been removed, the top layer of the nail is dry and its tip is sometimes brittle, this is why we must bring it nutrition. For example, you can use castor oil, which will give it strength and vigor, or use specific commercial products. In any case, it will take care of the nails every day until they are smooth and shiny with health.

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