How to replace skinny jeans this fall: 8 models relevant for the new season

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Skinny jeans have been at their peak for a long time and are found in most street style looks around the world. However, any trend sooner or later loses its relevance.

Today, skinny jeans are found less and less, and they have been replaced by looser styles. We’ve rounded up 8 of the best jeans and trousers to replace your skinny with this fall for a stylish, modern look.

If you want your jeans to be as skinny as possible, but at the same time look relevant and emphasize the dignity of your figure, pay attention to the mom-jeans model. They have a high waist, thereby emphasizing the waist and adjusting the abdomen, and the slightly tapered cut of jeans visually makes the legs longer and slimmer.

Moreover, this model suits absolutely all body types, which means that in these jeans your silhouette will be graceful and proportional.

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Also pay attention to classic straight jeans. Unlike mom, they have the same width along their entire length. It is better to give preference to models that open the ankle – this way the image will look more elegant.

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What to wear instead of skinny in fall 2020
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The most relevant in this season are jeans-pipes. Nevertheless, they should be chosen with caution for short girls and owners of magnificent forms. Since this model completely covers the ankle, the image may turn out to be slightly obese. To make your figure look harmonious, we recommend using a small heel – this way you will get an elongated and slender silhouette.

A trendy alternative to skinny jeans for fall 2020
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For those looking to add volume to the hips or balance broad shoulders, consider the slouchy and bell bottoms. The former will visually make the hips bigger, and the flared jeans will add a little volume at the bottom, making the silhouette proportional.

What to wear instead of skinny jeans in fall 2020
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How to replace outdated skinny jeans for women
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Classic trousers can serve as a good alternative to jeans. If you do not like wide models, pay attention to straight trousers, which can be slightly tapered at the bottom. The most relevant will be models with an open ankle and a wide belt.

Fashionable jeans and trousers that can replace skinny jeans
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If you want to radically change your style, feel free to replace skinny pants with palazzo pants. Their flowing silhouette looks very elegant when walking, and a loose fit hides all figure flaws and adds a few centimeters to height.

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What to replace skinny jeans with in fall 2020
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For a relaxed, sporty chic look, we recommend using joggers. To make you comfortable, start with models that are not too wide – a semi-fitted cut will look stylish and harmonious.

What to wear instead of skinny jeans in fall 2020

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