How to restore hair after the summer sun and sea?

Rest on the seaside restores strength, health and peace of mind – everyone knows this. We return home refreshed, full of strength and energy, saturated with the sun and hardened by sea water. The same cannot be said about … our hair.

Yes, indeed, dry air, scorching sun rays, sea water do not have the best effect on our curls. Therefore, decided to figure out in more detail how to quickly reanimate hair after a summer vacation. Here are some rules and tips.

What to do on vacation?

If you are just going to go to the seaside to have a good rest and sunbathe, you can take care of your curls in advance. Then they will not be so strongly affected by the negative effects of sea water and UV radiation. Here are some of the main “commandments” you should follow while on vacation.

  1. Be sure to wear a headdress – a hat, a scarf, a bandana. This will keep your hair out of the sun and prevent the hot air from drying out too much. Braid your hair and hide it under a kerchief – this way it will not fade, lose color and become dull.
  2. Do not dye your curls before relaxing at sea. As much as you want to look 100% while on vacation, remember, coloring, and then immediately daily (and throughout the day) exposure to the scorching sun is a huge stress for your curls. Plus, salt water and sun will quickly wash out and burn out the pigment anyway. Set aside painting until you get home.
  3. Use masks and balms. No matter how much you strive to devote every free minute on vacation to proper rest, do not ignore hair care procedures. Be sure to apply a moisturizing balm or mask after each wash, and keep the product for at least 5-7 minutes. You should also avoid washing your hair too often with harsh, lathering shampoos.
  4. Use sunscreen. We always remember that you need to take a product with UV filters for body and face skin at sea. But we often forget about curls in this regard. Be sure to buy a special hair protection spray, serum, leave-in balm and apply it every time you go to the beach or for a walk.
  5. Forget styling. But what exactly needs to be “forgotten” at home is the means and devices for styling, especially for thermal. In addition to a hairdryer, you will not need anything on vacation. And an iron or curling iron will only damage the already dry hair. Do not take your styling cosmetics with you either: today the effect of wet curls and light natural waves are in fashion.

What to do after vacation?

But even if you follow all of the above rules, all the same, the curls will not be in perfect condition upon returning home. And even more so, if you haven’t taken any preventive measures, your hair certainly won’t thank you. What to do to recover from a vacation?

1. Trim the ends

In general, you need to cut your hair regularly. At least once every 2-3 months, the curls should be trimmed by 1-2 centimeters. And do not be afraid that they will not grow, and the length will always be the same. In 2-3 months, your hair will grow longer than the length you cut. And after the vacation, the curls always look (and are) dry and split, it is the ends that become thinner. Therefore, they will need to be cut by 2-3 centimeters upon arrival and do not regret it! After a haircut, the curls will immediately look healthier and more powerful.

How to restore hair after the summer sun and sea?

2. Change your shampoo

In general, it would be good to forget about shampoos with sulphates, which foam well and wash your hair well “until it squeaks.” The fact is that it is precisely such products that mercilessly spoil the hair, washing away the protective lipid layer, opening the hair cuticle, making it vulnerable, stretching like rubber while the curls are wet, and fragile and brittle when the hair dries. And especially after the vacation, it is worth changing the shampoo to sulfate-free. This one will foam less, out of habit it will seem to you that it does not thoroughly wash your hair. But in fact, the cleansing goes “perfectly” without washing off the protective layer and without harming the hair structure.

3. Use special restorative agents

It is advisable to purchase professional cosmetics, which are designed specifically to restore curls after aggressive influences. This can be either dyeing or perm, or exposure to sea water and ultraviolet rays. Restoring products contain more active ingredients. They are not needed for the normal condition of the hair and daily basic care, since the curls will get used to these active substances. But for regeneration after a vacation, such cosmetics are the very thing! There are even SOS-tools that can restore curls in the shortest possible time.

4. Be careful with laying!

It is quite understandable that if after vacation you have to go back to work, you want to look as well-groomed as possible. Only this cannot be said about your hair. Thermal styling devices – irons and curling irons help to visually make them smooth and shiny. But the fact is that well-groomed hair will only look from the outside, but inside their structure will deteriorate even more.

Try to be very careful with your shrink-wrap. After washing, lightly blow dry your hair and let it dry naturally. Use irons and curling irons as a last resort, as well as styling cosmetics. Better to braid your hair in braids, do all kinds of ponytails and buns, pull your hair up so as not to torment them by pulling or twisting curls.

5. Pamper your hair with home care

Homemade hair masks and compresses can be just as effective as store-bought balms and conditioners. Yes, ideally it is better to use professional cosmetics, and once or twice a week to indulge the curls with home care. In combination, all this will give a faster and more effective result of hair restoration after a vacation.

Egg yolks are well suited for homemade masks – they contain lipids and proteins that help to restore hair structure. At the same time, proteins should not be used, since when exposed to heat from the scalp, they can simply curl up and give an unpleasant odor. Separate the yolk from the protein and mix with the oils.

Choose unrefined vegetable oils without aroma as a base oil: olive, almond, corn, coconut. Add a little essential oil to the base oil, which is the main part. Oils of ylang-ylang, peach and apricot, grape seeds, and wheat germs do well with dryness and brittleness.

Also, after washing, rinse your hair well with herbal decoctions. It is enough to pour a tablespoon of chamomile or linden flowers, dried nettle leaves or a string with a liter of boiling water and let it brew. Strain the infusion well through cheesecloth or a very fine sieve and rinse your hair after rinsing the balm.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

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