How to run properly so that it is beneficial?

Running is gaining more and more popularity. However, contrary to popular belief, this sport does not always help you lose weight, nor is it almost useless for those looking to build muscle mass. Running is cardio training. It gives general tone to the body, strengthens the respiratory system, and helps to maintain normal weight.

Let’s analyze the general rules and running technique, mastering which will help to get results from this sport.

1. First of all, you should say “no” to the same type of runs. The body very quickly adapts to the loads, and if you run the same distance at the same pace each time, the effect will only last for the first couple of runs. Therefore, you should increase the length of the daily route so that the body continues to stay in good shape and spend energy.

In addition, if the main goal is to lose weight, and not just maintain it, then you need to complicate your achievements and gradually increase your speed. You can draw up a table and a jogging plan for yourself and each time set new horizons for yourself.

2. The running posture must be correct. This is not a tag game or a sprint marathon, nor is it a chase after a departing bus. To understand how to run correctly, you need to imagine that you are falling slightly forward. You need to tilt the body, smoothly put forward one leg first, step over, then put the second leg. The advantage of this posture is that it saves forces due to the energy of the fall.

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In no case should you roll from heel to toe. Running is like walking barefoot. Rarely does anyone place their feet completely on the ground when walking barefoot, otherwise painful sensations arise.

The body should be kept still and not swayed from side to side. With proper running, the whole body works (except for the hips, you should not wiggle them).

Keep your knees soft and bent at approximately right angles while running. There is a kind of running with straight legs, but this is a completely different method.

Don’t forget about your hands! They need to be bent at an angle of up to 90 degrees and moved along the body in time with the run.

3. Finally, pay attention to the overall pace. Don’t run too fast or too slow. In this case, “faster” does not mean “better” at all. You need to step over often, but not too sweepingly (about 1.5 steps per second), almost mincing. If the plans are to maintain the weight on the achieved result, then you should run at the same pace. If you plan to lose weight, then you need to gradually complicate tasks and speed up.

Running differs from strength training in that it has a different mechanism for burning calories: they are burned only during training and not after it. A person runs for half an hour, burns, say, 150 calories. In fact, if he doesn’t run this time, but eats 150 fewer calories, then the result will be the same.

How to run properly so that it is beneficial?
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Running is just a healthy workout for toning the body, which will only give results when combined with proper nutrition and other related exercises.


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