How to save a marriage so that no one gets hurt

We’ve put together a selection of tips on how to keep your marriage alive and not hurt any of the spouses.

We know that family life is a responsibility and a lot of work, but no specific “recipes for happiness” are issued either in the pharmacy or in other publicly accessible places. We, of course, are not Doctor Kurpatov, but we have several ideas on this score.

Living together is more helpful understanding the rules of the game… Many women choose not to discuss the rights and responsibilities of spouses. And men can easily and naturally change their views, tastes and preferences. Isn’t it easier to initially stipulate everything and draw up a basic code of rules, approving it by a vote of all members of the cell of society? Call it family constitution, user manual, or sacred scroll – it doesn’t matter. Actually, they can not even be written down, but simply discussed.

Marriage needs a strong rear, and you can’t do without your own corner… A couch with relatives, a bed in a dorm, a hippie commune and other extreme undermines relationships.

In any incomprehensible situation have sex… Perhaps the advice may seem strange to some, but it is the most honest one. In the saying “The morning is wiser than the evening”, the bashful ancestors did not indicate what is best to do at night, but we all understand everything.

Joint work unites. In fact, joint avoidance of labor is no less common. In general, doing at least something together is great. Of course, you can rally around some abstract idea or hobby, but the most functional option is making dumplings… She does not require any special knowledge or culinary skills, but fills the refrigerator with tasty and inexpensive food.

The strongest ties in the world are economic. Friendship passes, sex becomes boring, even love turns into a habit, you can only rely on the material interest of the parties. The prospect of losing your investment is sobering. For example, a joint business works great. A little worse, but it also helps if you save up for something useful together. At the same time, the total budget of modern men is rather frightening with constant control. The best thing procrastinate on a vacation trip… Here and the goal is quite tangible, and the opinion of all parties can be taken into account, and the amount turns out to be decent.

As you can see, nothing complicated. It is very important for all this not to forget to say “thank you” and “thank you”, to apologize and wish you good luck. But words are devalued too quickly these days. Therefore, try to materialize all these compliments in the form of cakes, postcards, some trinkets. Even the socialist competition winner’s pennant will do.

Photo: stills from the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

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