How to save the bees?

Bees are hard workers who treat us to their honey. They also produce propolis, wax, royal jelly and collect pollen, which humans have gradually learned to collect and use. But their other role, and it is essential, is the pollination. Indeed, their body is covered with a light down. When they forage, this down retains the tiny grains of pollen, which are made by the male reproductive organs of flowering plants: the stamens. When the bee goes to another flower, these grains can break off and reach the pistil, which is the female reproductive organ. This allows fertilization, which is essential for the formation of seeds and fruits. When we know that the bees of an apiary visit millions of flowers in one season … we easily understand the essential role they play in the reproduction of plant species, and therefore in the existence of the fruits and vegetables we feast on. .

The terrible consequences of the disappearance of insects

But now, in recent years, bees seem to be threatened. Sponsoring a beehive allows you to participate in their survival and continue our feel good therapy!


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