How to shrink pores on your face: choosing the right beauty care

The problem of enlarged pores is more often encountered by the owners of problematic, combination or oily skin. Unfortunately, dealing with them is not always easy. Taking care of such skin, many women make similar mistakes: they thoroughly cleanse it, use sebum-regulating and pore-tightening agents, matting creams and serums, which only aggravate the situation.

Why do pores expand?

There are pores on the face and body of any person, but they become noticeable only when they expand. This happens due to the increased work of the sebaceous glands – the body produces more sebum, and it is time to open up to allow pollution to come out naturally. If at this moment the time does not increase and retains the same size, a closed comedone is formed, which can subsequently become inflamed.

This feature of the pores is explained by the fact that one of the main functions of the skin is protective. The lipid layer with which it is covered is a unique invisible barrier that protects the body from aggressive environmental factors. It is the lipid layer that protects against the penetration of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, while simultaneously retaining moisture, vitamins and beneficial components in the skin cells.

The lipid barrier is easily destroyed. Frequent exfoliation with scrubs and peels, washing with antibacterial gels, cleansing with hydrophilic oil greatly thin and sometimes even erase the lipid layer. In turn, the body tries to restore its previous defenses and increases the production of sebum. The more sebum accumulates on the skin, the wider the pores become.

Wide pores are easier to get dirty, because it is easier for dead skin particles, dust, dirt, makeup residues to get into the enlarged hole. Over time, blackheads and inflammation form.

Also, the expansion of pores can be one of the physiological phenomena of skin aging. If earlier the skin was prone to dryness, then after 35-40 years there is a chance to face the appearance of an oily sheen and enlarged pores.

And of course, through the pores, the body’s lymphatic system removes toxins and all those impurities that the body does not need – this process can also cause enlarged pores.

Enlarged pore skin care

The first important step in caring for problem skin is changing cosmetics to less aggressive ones and restoring the lipid barrier of the skin. It is worth excluding hydrophilic oils, cleansing lotions, gels for problem skin, and everything that cleans the face until it squeaks. Replace them with mild cleansing agents with enzymes, which not only thoroughly remove all impurities, but also gently exfoliate dead cells.

It is also better to change the toner to alcohol-free for normal skin. You need to use it after each wash to restore acidity. You can apply the tonic not with a cotton pad, but with your palms – this technique will reduce possible skin irritation. To do this, you just need to pour a little product on your hand and spread it over your face with light patting movements.

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You can now add peels to your basic skincare routine, but exfoliators don’t have to be aggressive. When it comes to problem skin and enlarged pores, cleansing should be minimal but regular. Peelings should be introduced into care, use only gentle versions and do them no more than once every two weeks.

The next step in caring for skin with enlarged pores is lymphatic drainage massage. A few correct strokes when applying the products in the morning or evening will help speed up the flow of lymph flow and improve the elimination of toxins through the lymph nodes, rather than through the pores.

Facial massage can be performed using a special Gua Sha scraper. It is enough to lightly stroke the face with a stone without strong pressure and pressing the scraper into the skin. You need to work from about 0.3 mm of the surface layer of the skin, running the scraper along the massage lines while applying the serum or cream.

The use of oily creams on the face with enlarged pores is prohibited – do not make it difficult for the skin to breathe and cleanse naturally. You need to choose daily care taking into account the characteristics and needs of the skin – it can be just a light moisturizer or a product with an additional content of active ingredients that will not only moisturize, but also, for example, restore the skin microflora, heal or soothe. It is important to remember that products with anti-aging ingredients are not suitable for young skin – they can provoke irritation and inflammation.

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For additional care and cleansing of skin with enlarged pores, you can use film masks. They cleanse the skin well, pulling all the dirt out of the pores. In addition, such funds significantly narrow them. It is important to pay attention to the composition: calendula, rosemary, lemongrass, green tea are natural ingredients that are ideal for skin with enlarged pores.

You can maintain the effect after all procedures, tighten pores, and make the skin even healthier and more beautiful with the help of active serums. Products with hyaluronic acid will intensively moisturize and smooth the skin, with vitamin A – they will reduce inflammation and make pores less visible, with green tea extract – they will instantly soothe thanks to a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

And in order to avoid clogging of pores in the future, instead of dense foundations and powders, you can use products with light textures and caring components in the composition: cushion, BB and CC creams.


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