How to start your morning to lose weight: 8 rules

A common misconception among many women is that I will go hungry for a week or two, lose weight and be beautiful. A sharp limitation of favorite products, time frames, inability to achieve the expected result in a short time can ruin the mood and shatter even the strongest nerves. Nutritionists recommend gradually introducing healthy morning habits into the usual daily routine that speed up metabolism and allow you to lose weight. Why it is recommended to introduce habits in the morning, the answer is simple – a rested body that gained strength during the night activates the metabolic process during the first hours after waking up, which is a favorable period for burning fat. How to start the morning to lose weight, and then maintain the achieved weight, read on.

Earlier rise

Getting up earlier allows the body to wake up and invigorate by the time it is time to go to work. In addition, getting up 40-60 minutes earlier allows you to take time for yourself: calmly take a shower, do gymnastics, take your time for breakfast, scroll through interesting news on social networks, etc.

Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach

A glass of clean cool water immediately after waking up not only provides the body with the necessary moisture, but also allows it to wake up faster, starting the processes of metabolism and digestion. It is recommended to add lemon, ½ teaspoon honey or ginger to water taken on an empty stomach. The natural properties of these products have a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, accelerate metabolic processes and cleanse the body of toxins.

Morning loads

Light gymnastic exercises for 10 – 20 minutes on an empty stomach allow you to cheer up and start metabolic processes in the body. Each week, charging is extended by a few minutes and eventually turns into a full-time hour class. The main thing is to choose the load that is pleasant. Someone likes to run, someone to walk, someone is closer to fitness, and someone loves aerobics. Unsportsmanlike people can start the morning by exercising in bed.

Don’t skip breakfast

Having skipped a morning meal, a person overeats during the day, trying to catch up. A slightly over-sized portion, a sweet bun for dessert, ends up settling on the sides and hips.

Eating breakfast with products that are digestible for a long time

Complex carbohydrates in cereals and high-quality protein in eggs, yogurt or fish take longer to digest and energize the body before lunch. It is not necessary to separate the yolks from the proteins because of the fat content and calorie content, since they are saturated with a high content of useful trace elements, vitamins and fatty amino acids necessary for the life of a healthy body.

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Take vitamins

During breakfast, it is recommended to take a vitamin complex in accordance with age. Deficiency of vitamins leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes inside, a decrease in immunity and an obsessive desire to eat “something tasty”.

Drink green tea

A cup of freshly brewed green tea is a powerful metabolic booster, and the antioxidants in tea help lower blood sugar levels, preventing excess fat from accumulating. A teaspoon of honey, lemon or cinnamon will allow you to diversify the taste of tea without affecting your figure.

Move more

Morning activity energizes the whole day: skip the elevator in favor of the stairs, and in fine weather, walk a couple of stops before work. Such physical activity allows you to keep the heart muscle in good shape and give the legs a slender relief.

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