How to stay feminine in shapeless clothes. 9 stylish examples

Modern trends in clothing dictate the fashion for unisex. Often in such things, the fair sex cannot emphasize their femininity, but we must try to do it. Stylists give advice on how to do this.

  1. Buy clothes by size

When a thing looks like it’s not from your shoulder, it looks shapeless. Therefore, you must carefully choose your clothes before buying them.

  1. Don’t be afraid of bright colors

Many people prefer to wear clothes in gray and black colors. Such things are considered universal. The woman “merges” with the general mass and does not stand out in any way. To emphasize your individuality, you must not be afraid to stand out with the help of bright colors. True, you shouldn’t be too zealous either. Otherwise, you can get a flashy and ridiculous image.

  1. It is necessary to emphasize the waist line

Emphasizing your waistline is essential to look feminine. Then even the most sexless clothes will look different. It is worth considering things with a belt.

  1. Do not be afraid to open your shoulder

The slightly open part of the body looks very feminine. For example, blouses and dresses with a slightly open shoulder look very seductive. The woman immediately attracts attention.

  1. High-heeled shoes

High heels make women look taller and slimmer. Gait changes, posture improves. The girl seems fragile and defenseless, since walking with a squat gait in high heels will not work with all the desire.

  1. Bright accents

You should always pay attention to such an important point as accessories. It can be an elegant bag matched to the set. The bright strap will also make a woman stand out from the crowd. Do not forget about scarves and neckerchiefs. They will add flavor to any wardrobe.How to stay feminine in shapeless clothes. 9 stylish examples

  1. Decorations

Jewelry always makes a woman more attractive. Therefore, beads, pendants, earrings, bracelets – everything that will help emphasize your femininity.How to stay feminine in shapeless clothes. 9 stylish examples

  1. Beautiful underwear

Psychologists say that beautiful underwear helps you look more feminine. The thing is that the girl herself is confidence, and this is transmitted to the people around her.How to stay feminine in shapeless clothes. 9 stylish examples

  1. Hairstyle

Lush well-groomed hair is what distinguishes a woman and helps her to look attractive in any clothes.How to stay feminine in shapeless clothes. 9 stylish examples

It is worth taking note of all of the above methods. They will help to emphasize your femininity even in shapeless clothes.


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