How to steam your face: getting rid of blackheads at home

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Many cosmetic procedures require opening the pores, which is necessary to cleanse accumulated dirt and secretions from them. How to properly steam your face at home? To do this, you can use a steam bath, make a mask or resort to using ready-made preparations.

Each pore opening technique requires compliance with certain rules, has its own pros and cons. Regardless of the chosen method of steaming, the technology of the procedure must be observed, otherwise the sensitive epidermis on the face can be damaged.

Why do you need steaming?

Expanding pores by steaming is considered one of the most effective ways to cleanse tissues. The procedure not only removes the remains of cosmetics and impurities, but also enhances the effect of scrubs, masks and creams.

If you regularly steam your skin, you can achieve the following effects:

  • sebaceous plugs and accumulated fat quickly come out of the open pores, which allows you to cleanse the epithelium;
  • the procedure helps to eliminate blackheads and prevents their appearance;
  • if you steam your face in front of the mask, the active components will reach the deep layers of the epithelium, due to which the cosmetic will have an effect on the tissues from the inside;
  • dead cells will be removed from the surface of the skin;
  • purification enhances the flow of oxygen and activates metabolic processes, due to which regeneration is faster. As a result, the skin tone becomes healthy and beautiful, blush appears on the cheeks;
  • steam action helps reduce inflammation, prevents acne and other skin imperfections.

In order for the procedure to be as effective as possible, you need not only to know how to properly steam your face, but also to perform processing at a certain frequency, strictly observing all the rules. Cleansing twice a week will help eliminate blackheads and blackheads, rejuvenate tissues, and also provide a full flow of oxygen to them.

You can steam your face before cleansing or for the purpose of rejuvenation, since such an effect stimulates the production of natural collagen.


You can steam pores on your face in different ways, but regardless of the chosen technique, you need to follow a certain sequence of actions. The algorithm is the same for all steaming techniques:

  • first, it is necessary to remove the remnants of cosmetics from the skin with milk or foam;
  • after you need to pin your hair;
  • steaming the face is carried out strictly in accordance with the chosen method;
  • the average session duration is 10-15 minutes;
  • the first time after steam treatment, the skin will be vulnerable, so it is forbidden to wipe the face with a towel. It is better to allow the epidermis to dry naturally by absorbing the remaining moisture.

Most often, after steaming, treatment is carried out with a peeling, scrub or mask. At the end of the session, a moisturizing or nourishing cream is applied to the skin.

How to steam your face at home

You can effectively steam your face without resorting to expensive means. The most common way to expand pores is the steam bath. But you can also achieve a result by resorting to the help of special masks or applications.

Steam bath

This is the easiest and most affordable way to steam your face at home. All that is required to carry out the manipulations:

  • small capacity;
  • a set of pharmaceutical herbs;
  • clean terry towel;
  • emollient cream.

To steam your face, the first step is to prepare a decoction. To do this, pour 2 tablespoons of the selected dry plants with 500 ml of boiling water, cover and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. After that, heat the finished broth and pour into a container. Next, bend over the bowl, throw a towel over your head and wait 5-7 minutes. Do not lean too close to the water, as this can cause burns. Now you need to cleanse your face from the moisture that has come out with a cotton sponge soaked in an antibacterial solution and proceed with further planned manipulations.

To steam your face well at home, you must take into account the type of epidermis:

  • girls with dry skin are advised to prepare a decoction based on a mixture of chamomile, linden and lavrushka;
  • the condition of the combined dermis will improve the infusion of mint and sage. Alternatively, you can add calendula to them;
  • owners of oily skin prone to rashes are advised to steam the skin using a collection of sage and St. John’s wort leaves;
  • for women with mature epidermis, a mixture of cinnamon and nettle leaves is the best option.

The only universal composition that can be used by women with any type of dermis is a chamomile decoction. It has a pronounced antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. Regular steam treatment based on this plant helps to get rid of acne and blackheads on the face, and also fights expression lines.

Baths not only help to relax the muscle fibers on the face and increase skin tone, but also warm up the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, so the procedure is indispensable for rhinitis and upper respiratory tract pathologies.


A similar broth is taken as a basis as for the preparation of baths. To quickly steam the skin of the face and at the same time saturate it with micronutrients, you can add a couple of drops of essential oil to the composition (it is better to use grapefruit, lavender or mint). In the prepared broth, it is necessary to moisten a thick cotton napkin, squeeze it slightly and apply it to the surface of the face cleared of cosmetics. Leave the application to act for 30-40 seconds, then moisten the napkin and re-process. Such manipulations are performed 3-5 times.

If it is decided to steam your face with a towel or napkin, it is strictly forbidden to use a hot base, otherwise you can provoke a burn.

Sauna inhaler

One of the best ways to steam your face for cleansing is to use a pharmacy inhaler. This technique is considered to be more innovative and safer. The device is equipped with a timer, in addition, the device is able to control the strength of the steam supply, so that you can choose a mode taking into account the type of epidermis.

The procedure is carried out similarly to standard steam steaming, after removing cosmetics from the surface of the dermis. Medicinal plants and essential oils can be added to the water.


you can steam your face with a honey mask

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To steam the skin of the face at home, you can also resort to using special hand-made masks. The following recipes have proven themselves best:

  • with semolina. Required ingredients: 4 teaspoons of cereal and 250 ml of milk. You need to cook porridge without adding salt and sugar. When the composition has cooled to a comfortable temperature, apply it in a thick layer to the epidermis. Now wrap the treated areas with cling film and leave to cool;
  • with honey. Mix 15 ml of liquid linden honey with the same amount of vegetable oil and add the yolk to the mixture. Heat the composition in a steam bath, apply to the skin and secure with foil.

It is good to steam the face with masks not only because they open the pores, but at the same time nourish the skin with useful microelements.


Ready-made professional tools

You can quickly steam your face before cleaning with the help of industrial products. The following ready-made formulations are presented in cosmetic stores:

  • Garnier Skin Activ. This steaming face mask is specially designed for oily dermis. It dries tissue, prevents blackheads and minimizes inflammation.
  • Alpika. This cold steaming gel is made from natural ingredients and is designed for cold steaming. The product not only prepares the skin for further cosmetic procedures, but also soothes and moisturizes the dermis.
  • Lioele Blackhead Clear. The gel will quickly steam the face and expand the pores. The product helps to cleanse blackheads and fights inflammation. The main active ingredients are mistletoe and sugar powder.

Many women prefer to steam their face from acne at home with the help of purchased products. Their popularity is primarily due to the fact that they do not require preliminary preparation and, unlike homemade formulations, can be stored for a long time.

How long does it take to steam your face?

How often to perform the procedure and how much to steam the face depends on the type of epidermis:

  • dry. Skin processing is allowed every 10-15 days, after preliminary application of the cream. The optimal session duration is up to 5 minutes;
  • normal and combined. With this type of epidermis, it is recommended to steam the face at home for 10 days (7-12 minutes each);
  • fatty. Processing can be carried out at intervals of 3-4 days. The duration of the session is 12-15 minutes.

How often can the procedure be performed

If you steam your face for cleaning correctly, following the technology, the procedure is guaranteed not to harm or worsen the condition of the skin. Moreover, this method of processing is not addictive. Steaming can be done regularly without interruption.

If, after the session, you use high-quality means to narrow the pores, after 3-4 months of permanent procedures, the condition of the skin will improve significantly and the need for such frequent treatments will disappear.


While facial steaming seems harmless, in some cases it may be best avoided. Limitations include:

  • pronounced rosacea;
  • severe acne;
  • vision problems;
  • high blood pressure;
  • dysfunction of the cardiovascular system;
  • excessive dryness, accompanied by flaking;
  • carrying a child.

Regardless of the condition of the skin, excessive exposure to steam can cause increased rosacea, excessive dryness and the appearance of wounds.

If you know how to properly steam your face at home, you can not only cleanse the skin of blackheads and prevent the appearance of rashes, but also rejuvenate the face and improve the color of the epidermis. To achieve this effect and avoid complications, you need to adhere to all the rules for carrying out manipulations.

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