How to style short hair no worse than in the salon

Some women prefer short hair to long curls. A short haircut is easier to clean. You can always look well-groomed, no worse than in the salon. Here are some hairstyles for short hair.

Volumetric styling

Today, to give volume to short hair, a hair dryer has been invented. If it is not there, then you can use a regular hair dryer and a round comb. The hair must be dried and then divided into small strands. Each strand is wrapped around a round brush. If you wind all your hair in one direction, you get a neat and strict styling. To give your hair a slight carelessness, you can twist one strand up and the other down. Then the required volume will be created.

Smooth styling

To create a smooth look, you need a comb, wax or gel. Hair must be washed and dried. Then the parting is done, which the woman wants. Smooth styling is done without parting. Gel or wax is applied to the very roots, and then the hair just needs to be combed. Styling products require attention. If you overdo it, you will get the feeling of oily hair.

Smooth styling is ideal for an evening out. It looks elegant and sexy. True, it is not suitable for everyone.How to style short hair no worse than in the salon


Curls always enliven the image. They are created using a regular curling iron, as well as using styling. Clean hair should be wrapped in strands. If a girl does not want curls to turn out, then you should not curl her hair for a long time. Then the feeling of a light wave will be created. On the contrary, if you hold the curling iron longer, you will get funny curls.How to style short hair no worse than in the salon

Creative mess

Creative clutter is perfect for brave girls. The hair must first be washed and dried. Then mousse is applied to them. Laying is done in random order. After that, the styling is fixed with varnish.


This styling is done on very short hair. After washing, you just need to lift them up, apply mousse. Then the head must be lowered down and so dry the hair. The resulting strands sticking up must be fixed with varnish. A youthful and stylish hairstyle is ready.How to style short hair no worse than in the salon

Styling with accessories

Invisibles, hairpins, elastic bands and scarves will also help in creating styling for short hair. The easiest option is to pin the hair on the side with an invisible one.

A scarf is also used. It is tied around the head, pulling unwanted hair inside.

Hairpins will help you style unruly strands in a way that looks attractive.How to style short hair no worse than in the salon

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