How to stylishly fit vintage into a modern wardrobe

The things created from the 1920s to the 1980s are considered vintage. Vintage, thrift stores, second-hand shops have always had their own buyer, a treasure hunter who finds relics and fits them into his wardrobe. Retro, vintage is in high esteem this season. The models of many designers repeat the style of the 60s, 70s, 80s, therefore, it is not difficult to find a vintage thing, call it relevant, and beat it stylishly, because the fashion itself dictates the acceptable styles.

If you want to play with a vintage item from a grandmother’s chest or from a flea market in a modern wardrobe, then you need to know the rules so as not to get an old-fashioned look at the exit.

Rule. Be sure to dry clean after purchasing. If the item has material value, then make sure the dry cleaner has a good reputation, as chemicals can ruin an expensive vintage item.

How to competently create looks with vintage items?

  • Vintage cannot be combined with vintage. If you have a dress from the 60s in your wardrobe, then it does not need to be combined in an image with old-fashioned shoes, you do not need to do styling with fleece. Play with a mini dress with high boots, pipes, a voluminous leather jacket or raincoat, or, conversely, take the image into a sports theme for sneakers and a bomber jacket.

  • Trend. Wear a vintage piece that’s trendy for the season. For example, leather jackets are in trend this season. If you find a leather jacket at a thrift store, it can be easily paired with a crop top, high-rise jeans and chunky boots.

How to stylishly fit vintage into a modern wardrobe
  • Basic stuff. There are vintage items that will always be relevant, regardless of the season. For example, look at the style of Princess Diana. All things with a photo can be easily worn this season. The vintage base includes raincoats, jackets, shirts, bags, belts and jewelry.

Vintage looks
Vintage looks
  • Stylish features. You can modernize an image with a vintage thing with stylish chips, otherwise they can be called a manner of wearing. For example, we turn up the sleeves, put on a belt on the jacket.

Vintage clothing style
  • Modern accessories. Use modern accessories to bow with a retro item. For example, say you grab a worn leather jacket, put on a modern chunky chain, and grab a tote bag.

  • Vintage accessories. On the contrary, if you have vintage accessories and jewelry, they can play up a modern look. Working with clothes is more difficult than working with bags and jewelry. But the most difficult and irrelevant is vintage shoes. I would not recommend buying it. Old fashioned shoes can ruin the whole look.
  • Decor. If a vintage item has no material value, then you can decorate it in a modern way, for example, replace ordinary buttons with metal ones.
  • Color and print. If you are going to make a purchase of a vintage item, then consider also the current colors and colors. For example, if this season you wear a blouse with a leopard or cow print, then the style of the blouse will hardly be noticed as irrelevant.

Vintage looks
  • Actual details. Collars on blouses and bows are in fashion now. It will be easy to fit a blouse with a voluminous collar or bow into a modern wardrobe.

  • Hair and makeup. Another stylization rule is actual hairstyle and makeup. I know one beautiful woman who creates incredibly complex and interesting images, but at the same time her hair is lifeless, their color is yellow, the makeup of old women and in general the image looks sloppy and disrespectful towards the audience. And if you make a modern haircut, make-up and put on a leather coat with ankle boots on a massive sole, then the image will turn out to be sharp and fresh.

If it seems to you that retro looks are not much different from modern ones, then pay attention to hairstyles and shoes. Shoes that were paired with clothing decades ago are unlikely to be trendy this season. And when making up the kits, distance yourself from copying the entire retro image.

I also noticed that the models on the catwalk looked like men. Several decades ago, female beauty was cultivated, and today top models are more and more reminiscent of the middle sex. This tendency to erase gender characteristics is not reflected in all fashion shows, but it does take place.

What items to buy at a thrift store?

  • Shirts… Moreover, you can buy both female and male models.

Vintage Shirts
  • Pants… Including mens with a high rise and tucks, they are easiest to find in thrift stores. If suddenly they do not fit immediately on the figure, they can simply be adjusted to fit yourself in the studio.

  • Hats… Hats, berets can easily be found in secondhand stores around the world.

  • Decorations… I find buying vintage jewelry the most magical because jewelry has no wear and tear and in the secondary market you can find amazing branded and not so branded jewelry for inexpensive (but very expensive too).

  • Vests… They will continue to remain relevant, because the mass consumer has not yet figured out how to compose multi-layered looks using a knitted or suit vest.

  • Handkerchiefs… Remember how many handkerchiefs are in your closet that you bought and could not adapt to your wardrobe. Women went through this 40-50 years ago, and therefore scarves, even branded ones, can be bought inexpensively on the resell market.

How to wear vintage clothes
  • Plaid shirt… It is important to choose a checked shirt in trendy or basic colors. For example, a forester’s shirt will always be relevant.

How to wear vintage clothes
  • Strange sweaters… There are retro things, the age of which is almost impossible to determine.

How to wear vintage clothes
  • Printed T-shirts… Music lovers can buy T-shirts in good condition, let them be a little bit eaten by moths, but the main thing is not to wear them until they are physically worn out.

Vintage clothing
  • Trench coats… Raincoats, coats, including leather ones, will always be relevant, but be sure to keep in mind that you can pull an old thing to a new level, that you can revive it, and not age yourself. Because a trench coat or coat is a big thing, and it completely covers the person. Everything else in the image should be at a high stylistic level.

Vintage clothing
  • Blazers… It is important to look for a jacket to decorate you. If the jacket will make the figure massive, then you do not need to buy such a thing.
  • Polo shirt… Feel free to combine polo shirts or knitted sweaters with buttons with trendy things.

Vintage clothing

Buying a vintage item is not just a desire to spice up your style, it is also a contribution to the environment by wise consumption. Think of how many clothes you have in your closet that you don’t like and don’t wear. Give a second life to things that were once abandoned by someone.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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