How to take care of nail cuticles so that they are perfect?

There is no doubt that fingernails are becoming more and more important. The cuticle of the nail is a key element to present a perfect manicure.

First of all, what is a cuticle? It is an accumulation of cells that exerts a protective function. It is located next to the birth of the nail. It acts as a barrier between the matrix (the inner part of the nail) and the nail itself to prevent dirt from entering. Therefore, its care is essential for your nails to grow strong.

In this article, We would like to give you a series of tips so that the cuticles of your damaged nails do not pose a problem when it comes to showing off your hands.

Should cuticles be removed from hands?

We have talked about the barrier function of the cuticles. How can you intuit it is preferable not to eliminate them completely. Keep in mind that if they are cut too short, the matrix can be damaged and the nail will grow out of shape.

How to know? Look for so-called horizontal Beau lines. These are small grooves that form along the nail.

If they are, this means that you have pressed the cuticle area too hard. However, the cuticles of some people make the manicure ugly, since they are very thick.

How to cut nail cuticles? It is best to reduce, not completely eliminate, its size. To do this, carefully remove them using a glass file or orange sticks. We will explain it to you below.

How to remove cuticles from damaged nails?

We already know that hydration is key in our beauty routines. In the case of the hands, it was not going to be less.

How to remove the cuticle from the nails of the hands then? Hydrate and nourish them. To do this, you must constantly apply specific oils or creams for the cuticles. If in addition to moisturizing properties, these products offer antioxidant benefits, much better!

The best time to Apply this type of products is after removing the polishsince the nail will be clean.

Hands must also be clean. Apply the product in all areas where the skin and the nail are in contact. Help yourself, for this, of a light massage. Make sure that the product penetrates as much as possible into the contour of the nail. If you want extra effectiveness, apply it at night: the rhythm of the body is reduced and the products act with more intensity.

Once your cuticles are healthy and hydrated, it will always be much easier to remove them with a cuticle pusher (be it stainless steel, silicone or glass) or with an orange stick.

Another option that you can use are cosmetics that help exfoliate the cuticles.. Also use a cuticle pusher to make your work easier and to be able to move the cuticle in a faster and cleaner way.

What happens if you cut your cuticles too short?

You should keep in mind that many specialists are in favor of cutting the cuticles as much as possible with the help of special pliers. However, this can damage the nail bed.

As we have explained to you, the function of the cuticles is to protect the nail and, if we remove them, our body would receive the order to stimulate its growth. The direct consequence is that the cuticles will grow faster and stronger, just the opposite of what we want.

So you already know: if you want the cuticle of your nail to be perfect, be constant in its hydration, do not cut it too much and use specific products for its care. In this way, you will get perfect nails!


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