How to tell if your hair color isn’t right. 5 receptions

Women love to experiment with their hair color. However, it often happens that after dyeing in a new color, the result is not happy. Hair color does not make an appearance more attractive, but quite the opposite. This happens because the hair color is not chosen very well. It is worth changing the color of your hair if a woman has noticed the following signs.

  1. Painful white complexion

If a girl has porcelain skin, then black hair color is absolutely not suitable for her. All vessels are visible on such a face. You can often hear the comparison of porcelain leather with “transparent”. Combined with black hair, a sore feeling is obtained. It seems that the girl is not healthy and is seriously ill with something.

If you really want to become a brunette, then you can try coloring “shatush” when the roots are dark, and the hair brightens to the ends.

  1. No face visible

This is what they usually say about those who dyed their hair light, but at the same time faded. Girls who have not too clearly visible eyebrows, eyelashes in combination with a light shade of hair will generally be “lost”, and the face will become even less expressive. You need to make your makeup brighter or even abandon the blonde. In general, a pure blond is not suitable for anyone. It is better to pay attention to wheat and honey shades.How to tell if your hair color isn't right.  5 receptions

  1. The face turned “red”

Vascular networks on the face and skin, which often turns red, indicate that red and red tones will not suit the girl. They will only accentuate redness and all skin imperfections, even the most minor ones.How to tell if your hair color isn't right.  5 receptions

  1. Dark-skinned beauty turned into a “gray mouse”

Girls with dark skin are as lucky as anyone. They always attract attention with their brightness. Calm and dull shades of hair are not suitable for them. The highlight that was before staining disappears. The girl turns into one of many and merges with the crowd.How to tell if your hair color isn't right.  5 receptions

  1. Out-of-type hair color

Everyone knows that all colors are divided into cold and warm. The same can be said about the types of female appearance. It all depends on eye color, skin tone. Therefore, girls who are of the warm type should not use cold shades and vice versa. This will immediately become noticeable after staining.How to tell if your hair color isn't right.  5 receptions

Today, there are plenty of programs that allow you to choose on your own the shade of hair that will make a woman younger and more attractive. You can also always seek help from a specialist. A professional with 100% accuracy will select the right tone.


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