How to transform your broken jewelry into trendy jewelry?

If most jewelry lives long and beautiful years, some break and end their days at the bottom of a drawer. Here are some ideas to bring them back to life and transform them into trendy jewelry with a touch of creativity.

Some have sentimental value, others are real favorites or belong to trends that are now bygone. Anyway, these broken or neglected jewelry are found at the bottom of a drawer and give way to new treasures. Rather than abandoning them when we have loved them so much, we try to bring them back to life. The tendency is toupcycling, which encourages not to overconsume by reusing old clothes, or jewelry, in this case. More and more followers are preaching the good word like the designer Kitesy Martin with her jewelry especially worn by the singer Angèle. So what to do with broken jewelry? Discover our simple and well thought out tips, to follow to the letter, or to personalize according to your tastes.

Make an asymmetrical necklace with a piece of broken chain

The trend is for a mixture of materials and fantasy! The idea here is to salvage your broken chain, or an old bracelet, and improve it by adding a pearl necklace segment, another chain, or a braid of beaded threads to it. Vary the lengths depending on whether you want to make a necklace or a bracelet.

After threading the beads on the nylon thread, you just need to close each end of the thread with a ring, forming a knot. If you want to make a more voluminous braid, repeat the operation, to obtain three threads of colored beads. Once done, connect the three beaded threads (side by side) to your piece of broken chain, then braid them together. To finalize the whole, you just have to open a ring, pass the rings of each end of the nylon threads in this ring and add a clasp. After carefully closing the ring, you’re done and you get a half-chain, half-pearl necklace.

Make a braided bracelet with a salvaged pendant

Some pendants or medals always remain abandoned at the bottom of a drawer. Rather than keeping them for love, leaving them cloistered in a box, why not reuse them wisely, adding them to a pretty braided bracelet?

First, cut 3 lengths of colored cotton thread (80 cm each) as well as a length of metallic lurex thread (also 80 cm). Once the lengths are cut, take them together, and tie a knot on one of the two ends. Then hang the knot towards you on a table edge with tape, then braid by separating the colored threads from the metallic thread. After 30 cm, tie a knot and slip your pendant, then tie a new knot to secure it. Braid once more, until the next 30 centimeters, knot the end, and cut the threads that protrude from both ends. You can now wear your pretty braided bracelet.

Create a bracelet using several unused chains

If you have several unused chains in a broken jewelry box or large chain, you can give them a second life here too. If it is a large chain, all you need to do is cut three pieces of the same length. If you have three chains, just make sure they are the same length. Once the first step is done, you just have to take one of the two ends of your chains and place them in the same ring, then close it. Then, braid the chains together, and close the last ends with a ring, adding a clasp if there is not already one.

Making jewelry using a single earring

Our earrings sometimes have a tendency to mysteriously disappear, leaving us with every other earring. As soon as this happens, we put our unique earring aside, and don’t use it anymore, and there are a few ways to wear it again.

The recycled necklace, trendy to find at Zara or to make at home © Zara

Customize a brooch : To make your solitaire earring into a brooch, all you have to do is remove the clip from the earring and glue the body of the earring to a brooch holder.

Customize a hat pin: Using the same principle, you can pimp your hat pin by sticking the body of your earring on it. For this, choose a small and delicate earring.

Customize a bracelet or a necklace by adding the earring : Your unique earring can perfectly match a necklace or a bracelet that you already have. You can assemble them by threading your earring on one of these jewels.

Create a braided bracelet in silk thread by recovering a bangle

The bangle is one of the most classic bracelets, which we often leave lying around at home, after having worn it several times. To avoid getting bored, just reinvent it! We can opt for a simple and colorful option: that of wrapping it in silk and nylon threads. Nothing’s easier. If you want to add a little extra, you can slip a pretty pendant in the middle, between two threads.

Recover pearls from a broken necklace

Rather than keeping the pearls and never reusing them again, we can use them to create new jewelry.

Create a ring : To do this, just take a simple and classic ring, and stick one or more pearls on it. Or pass a thin chain to the size of your finger through the beads and then close the latter with a crimp bead.

Making earrings : It doesn’t take much to make earrings, for example threading pearls on a pair of fine hoops.

Mini Lou.Yetu hoops serving as a base to add charms, or to recycle old pendants © Lou.Yetu

Use a broken necklace or bracelet as bag jewelry

A broken chain or other types of necklaces or bracelets can nicely accessorize a bag. With the help of fasteners, we just have to place them where we want, and this will give a personal touch to our everyday ally.

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