How to trim your bangs yourself so you don’t have to pin them

Girls who wear bangs face the following problem. It’s too early to update the haircut, but the bangs have already grown. It turns out that you have to go to the hairdresser just to trim one bangs. For this reason, many women prefer pinning bangs or trimming them themselves.

At home, it is not very difficult to make the bangs shorter and smoother. The main thing is to follow some rules, as well as stock up on good tools.

What is needed

You should have sharp scissors on hand to cut your hair straight away. You will also need a hairpin and invisible hairpins. You will also need thinning scissors. If everything is ready, then you can proceed.

How to trim your bangs yourself so you don't have to pin them


It is necessary to level the bangs when the hair is clean. They must be washed before cutting. Then you need to decide where the bangs are, and where the rest of the hair is. Hair is pinned, and invisible hair will help to remove strands that the hair clip could not fix.How to trim your bangs yourself so you don't have to pin them

How to trim

The bangs are combed, and then trimmed with scissors. To get a smooth cut, the scissors must be held at an angle. When everything is ready, you need to comb the bangs again and see if everything is even. After that, using special scissors, it is necessary to thin the ends. This is a must, especially with thicker hair, as it will fit better. You can do without thinning only if your hair is too thin.

Torn bangs are leveled in a different way. First, like a straight bang, it must be separated from the rest of the hair. Then the bangs are twisted into a tourniquet, the ends of which are simply cut off. This will not only make the bangs shorter, but also create a new torn bangs.How to trim your bangs yourself so you don't have to pin them

Tips & Tricks

  1. The result will be better if professional tools are used. In the event that such accessories are not at hand, it is necessary to use only well-sharpened scissors.
  2. Wet hair is trimmed. Please note that they will become a few millimeters shorter when dry. If you cut the bangs short at once, it dries up and becomes even shorter. Therefore, it is necessary to cut with a small margin.

Trimming your bangs at home is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To do this, it is enough to take into account these tips and get down to business.How to trim your bangs yourself so you don't have to pin them




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