How to turn a traditional symbol of the New Year into an original home decoration

On the eve of the New Year, almost every home has the main festive attribute – a Christmas tree. Its decoration is a separate family “ritual” that creates the spirit and atmosphere of the holiday. But how can a traditional symbol be made more original?

Single gamut

A Christmas tree decorated in a single color palette will look very harmonious. With the right combination of colors, it will look stylish and festive.

Classic color combinations: red + gold, blue + silver, white + pink, emerald green + gold or black, mint + white. All shades of lilac and a combination of white and silver are also in fashion. But this is not a strict rule that you need to adhere to, you can combine shades to your taste or to match the color scheme that is created in the interior.

Nowadays, shops sell whole sets of toys and jewelry of the same color and style, which can significantly save money and time. The decorations chosen for the Christmas tree do not have to be of the same style or purchased in one set. The main thing is the general unity of colors and their competent combination.

Thematic design

This idea will look original in any home. You can decorate in the style of the sign of the coming year, choose toys from fairytale heroes, arrange an animal kingdom or any theme close to your soul.

Many have preserved old toys that will help create a “retro Christmas tree”. The atmosphere of childhood will help create a more soulful and festive atmosphere, moreover, it will look stylish and elegant. If the old jewelry has not survived, this is not a problem, now many stores have antique-styled toys. Or you can search at flea markets, on the Internet – arrange yourself an atmospheric New Year’s quest.


For those who love to create, this is an ideal opportunity to become the author of your own New Year project. To create jewelry, you can use any available means that just come to mind. Often, toys made with their own hands look much more interesting than purchased ones.

Edible tree

A great option for creating a fun New Year’s atmosphere is to use small edible gifts as decorations: tangerines, candies, walnuts, candies, kinder surprises.

Then you can get creative and decorate these edible decorations. For example, paint walnuts, paint them with gold or silver paint, or wrap them in foil. After the holidays, parsing such a tree will be much “tastier” than with ordinary decorations.

Textile history

As decorations, you can use bows, fabric toys, ribbons, small soft toys: bears, squirrels, fairies, angels, snowmen. Under the tree, you can put burlap or white cloth, plant a large soft toy next to it.

In addition to fabrics, you can use plain paper. Everyone in childhood cut out snowflakes, which can also be used, it is not necessary to stop at the classic white color. Origami or papier-mâché lovers can show their craft and decorate their home in this style.

It is not necessary to strictly choose one option for decorating a Christmas tree, you can combine them all together: make in the same color scheme, using hand-made decorations and “edible” decorations. It all depends on imagination and desire to create something unusual.

How do you decorate your home for the New Year?


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